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Meet The Breeder

The Staff At Feathers And Fleece
Feathers And Fleece has 11 staff members.
*8 full time staff members.

*All Staff members have a title and a building they are responsible for.
* Every building is cleaned daily 8 am - 1 pm and again 5 pm - 8 pm.
* Farm closes daily at 8 pm
*Staff members handle every dog on site daily. 

* All staff members are educated in administering medication, testing stools and puppy care.



We are a happy bunch!
This is the team that will socialize and prepare
 your new puppy for his or her new home.
We must admit..... we are really good at what we do!


 What we do....
It is said that the personality of a child is developed by the age of 8. 
This is why more and more parents are either leaving the work force to spend
these important years with their children, or finding the finest child care or
starting at home businesses.
Recent studies have shown that a dogs personality is developed by the age of 12 weeks. 
Who has your puppy for most of that first 12 weeks?
If you do not think that your breeder is important then please think again.
It is important to look for a breeder that genuinely loves what they do.
The same way you look for a childcare provider.
Puppies need to be coddled, they need to be loved, they need to be in a
clean and safe facility, they need to be exposed to different people and animals, they need
to hear the sounds of life and activities of the world around him or her.
Bottom line, your puppy needs to be touched and included, this is
the time your puppy will develop his or her personality. 
At Feathers And Fleece Farm we take pride in doing all of the above.
We take our job as your breeder very seriously, we hold ourselves to a much higher standard
than even you would expect from us.
Our goal is simple.  We want your new puppy to walk into his or her new home
ready to be part of your family. 
We house a vet facility in our whelping building and choose the finest vets to treat your puppy.
Our vets make your puppies early healthcare a safe and friendly experience.

Feathers And Fleece on site vet facility with attending veterinarian.
Clients can rest assured we are attending to their puppies every need.

Put on your play clothes,
and come visit us!