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Puppies Available

Available Puppies


It is a difficult thing to look and look for the right breeder,

 and just when you think you found them,

you find all of the litters are closed. 

We hear this everyday.  I can only say that, that speaks volumes about the breeder.

We strive to deliver the most well adjusted puppies to our clients.  Socialization and good health are very important to us. 

I apologize that some clients have to wait up to a year or more( in some cases) for a new buddy. 

I can only say that all my clients have said, they are very happy they waited, and it was worth it.

I only breed wanted pets, so I never have a puppy waitng for a home. 

Our puppies are spoken for before conception. 

Thank you for coming to our site.  We have tried to fill our site with helpful info

even if you purchase your puppy from another breeder


Please take a moment to review our commonly asked questions page


We rarely have a litter that is not already placed before birth. 

The bulk of our clients have not only chosen the breed of their new puppy but the parents well in advance of the birth. 

We occasionally have more puppies in a litter than we expected, and post those puppies on this page.

It is a good idea to add your name to our waiting list so you will get an advance e mail. 

Our goal is to only breed wanted pets. 

We breed for health and confirmation for families and farms that need them and

that can provide loving forever homes.

Upcoming Litters are as follows :


See individual breed pages for details


*If a litter is marked as closed please add your name to the waiting list,

if there are more puppies in the litter than predicted we will call you.


Baby Komondor 9 weeks old



Working together to bring you a better puppy!