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More Farm Photos

Feathers And Fleece Farm


Running a large farm is all about balance!

Balancing family, work, marriage and working with your father.



I am just a farm gal, born in Kentucky, raised in Indiana.  I garden, can and freeze my harvest.

Mother of three ( now all in College ) wife of 26 years to husband Frank, and

Cheer leading coach at our High School. 

My love of animals, and nature is evident when you look through our farm photos. 

We raise heritage breeds of livestock, Scottish Highland miniature cattle, American Guinea Hogs, Sheep and large breed working dogs.

My father is the farm manager and tends to all the farm and livestock needs.

I reserve my time for the dogs. 

Nearly every penny the farm brings in goes back to the farm as you will note from the photos.

We offer farm visits, which include a complete tour of our facility, to all deposit placed clients only, three weekends a month all day long.

We have spent nearly 20 years planting our property with gardens of flowers,
herbs and even an orchard of over 100 apple trees.
Much time and effort has been put into making our gardens both functional and beautiful. 
All of the structures and buildings on our property were built by my husband.
He built the greenhouse, barns, out buildings, coops,arbors everything down to the last trellis.
The gardens were all my handy work.
I grew up on a farm, with hundreds of bown egg laying chickens. 
As a young girl we sold our brown eggs to the local markets for spending money. 
Later in my childhood my family became interested in Show Silkie Chickens,
so naturally I have an interest in Silkies.
When I was in the fourth grade my teacher asked each child to stand up and give 
an interesting fact about yourself.  
Most children stood and said things like "I am afraid of spiders". 
Or " I hate school".  When it was my turn I stood up and said " I like dogs".
This statement earned me the nick name "ROVER" for the next several years.  
Today my love of dogs has paid off.  
Each dog gets affection from me daily.
We have an exceptionally clean facility for them and our home is very clean.  
We have found that keeping these dogs requires little more than- love and 
a steady routine.  We have a chore routine that does not feel like work at all. Believe me
routine is something that a dog understands, break your regular routine and everyone is a mess!
Take a moment to view some of our farm photos.

  Take a look at farm photos...

We added another five acres of fence this year and a few new structures.
Thank you to all of our clients!
Our Home At Feathers And Fleece Farm
Feathers And Fleece Farm is located on Hwy 56 in Lexington, Indiana

Grooming day! 
I have two groomers, one that travels to the farm for the big dogs.
All Poodles and Schnauzers, and Old English Sheepdogs go to Linda Hatfield...she does fancy cuts!
Linda is located near the college in Hanover Indiana.
Even farm dogs like to look their best.

NOTE.. We never clip our actual working dogs, the ones that are running the entire acreage. 
They need their coat for protection from predators.

Scottish Highland miniature cattle at Feather And Fleece Farm

Summer 2013 will forever be remembered as the" Summer of Rain".  All flowers grew lush and green!
In 2011 we built a back drive to better serve our clients.
The back drive completed 2012 ( special thanks to Floyd Cain and Steve Barnes, and my dad )
The mild 2011-12 winter has made for lush green gardens.
Feathers And Fleece Farm is filled with gardens to stroll through while visiting your new puppy
The kennels and play yards are huge at Feathers And Fleece Farm.
This is the potager garden which is filled with clusters of bittersweet in the fall.
Feathers And Fleece Farm Greenhouse garden.
Feathers And Fleece Farm kennel entrance.
Farm gardens 2012
The kennels at Feathers And Fleece Farm.
The Feathers And Fleece Farm apple orchard
A portion of the greenhouse garden.
Inside the main barn at Feathers And Fleece Farm. 2011
Note, the barn floor is solid today no brick path, that drove me crazy!
The dog runs behind the barn at Feathers And Fleece Farm.
Small orchard and yarrow garden in June.
Greenhouse garden south side.
We had a log cabin built especially for Thunder so he could see
all the happenings on the farm without going into the barn.
We call it the "Thunder Dome "  We asked for a house
 large enough to fit a VW inside.
We lost Thunder in the Spring of 2013, to Blasto.
It was the most painful experience of my farm career. 
This area has not been in use since. 
We have recently decided to give it to Daisy Dog our rescue.
view from my bedroom window of the lake.
Liberty and Patriot watch the Barnevelders.
The shade gardens
One of the water gardens
Grape Arbor
Greenhouse Garden 2008 just after I sold my herb business.
In this photo you can see I still had garden after garden filled with herbs.
In 2009 I threw out nearly all of the herbs and planted the flowers I always wanted.
Shade Garden 2011


My family
All three of our children are in college now.
My daughter will graduate from U of L this year.
My sons both play college golf at Hanover College.
We are blessed!

You guessed it, that is my dad... aka   Grandpa Gary!
He is a veteran of the US Marines and a retired Cummins Engine Employee, and farmer.
He is very disciplined in his gardening and farming methods.
That is a kind way of saying he is set in his ways.
Grass is to be maintained at 2.5 inches, animals retain a strict diet and routine.
No chemicals, and grooming is vital even if it's a pig.
Chores have to get done, sick or not and most important...
Never let your chores get ahead of you!
My father owns the farm next to mine, with only a gravel road between us.
We house all of the animals on my property with the exception of the pigs. 
His property houses the pigs, the hay fields and the vegetable gardens. 
In 2014 we expect to house the poultry on his property as well.

The man in the center is my Grandfather.  He is 98 years old.
Father of my Father. 
He too is retired from Cummins Engine company and an old farmer.
As you can see I have excellent mentors.