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Newfkom Puppies




*Newfkom litters are closed until fall/winter 2015

All Feathers And Fleece Farm Puppies are 1200.00 

All money brought into the farm goes back into our program, so prices remain low.

Litters fill up fast and are then marked as "closed"


Yes.... They look like huge Old English Sheepdogs,or super fluffy Newfoundlands, Only they do not shed, they are even tempered, laid back, and they retain the deep black color!  

Newfkoms, like the Newfoundland and the Komondor, love children and will protect them second only to the Komondor.  These big fluffy teddy bears can go from loveable to protection mode in a second if 

anyone dare mess with the family they have bonded to.  They are well socialized and are an intelligent breed.  They learn the routine of the family and if an intruder should approach to 

invade the family or the family property they will hold the intruder in his ( or her) place.  If the intruder dare to continue on his ( or her) path of trouble the Newfkom ( like the Komondor) will give his life

to protect his family and property. They love with every part of their being and live to serve.  The breeding of the Komondor-Newfoundland hybrid has been far more sucessful than we even dreamed. 

It is not only a beautiful, and loveable breed but gives just enough protection to the average family that parents feel like they have a third set of eyes on the children and the property when they 

are away.  Please keep in mind that Feathers And Fleece Farm did all of the foot work for this hybrid, we designed it and know everything there is to know about it.  

We spend coutless hours preparing every puppy for his new home so you get everything we promised you would get.  We stand behind every puppy. 

We have hundreds of happy clients and will gladly provide references upon request that are unrehearsed or staged.  There is a reason there is waiting list for our puppies.

We get to know our clients and provide everything we promise.  We have specially designed this breed to fit the average city family. 

 Newfkoms are non aggressive, love children and other pets, best of all the Newfkom is never the alpha taking the traits of both the Newfoundland and the Komondor. 

Both the Newfoundland and the Komondor are in the working class dog breed, meaning they live to serve.  Genetically want to protect and assist. Making the Newfkom an excellent choice for

service and therapy, as well as a guard for small farms, having found that larger farms benefit more from a Komondor.

Newfkoms are a hybrid breed. Akc pure bred Newfoundland and  an AKC pure bred Komondor, this results in the Newfkom a guardian / working dog.  This is a dog that can be loving,

playful and also have the guardian instinct of a Komondor.  Coat will try to cord in places, but is soft like a newfoundland for ease of brushing. This is a companion dog that enjoys being part of the family and protecting the family, and the family farm.

Newfkom females stand 26" at the withers and weigh approx 110 +  at the adult stage. (depending on feed and lifestyle)

Newfkom males stand 28" at the withers and weigh approx 130 +  at the adult stage. (depending on feed and lifestyle)

The body of a Newfkom is very similar to that of a Newfoundland.  Capable of draftwork and posses natural lifesaving abilities.  Large dog, heavily coated, well balanced, heavy boned, muscular and strong.

Sweet of temper.  Gait of a newfkom is smooth, rhythmic, and ground covering.  When moving very Newfoundland like, with slight rolling of the skin.

Color of a Newfkom ranges between solid white to solid black with the combination of the two being the most favorable among clients.

Newfkoms are good swimmers and enjoy water play, most newfkoms have webbed feet as a Newfoundland.

Tails of Newfkom are long and strong,with a slight curve, which can be found in both the Newfoundland and the Komondor. 

Eyes of a Newfkom tend to be more Newfoundland like.  Relatively small and deep set, spaced wide apart.  Color of eyes are dark brown with a lighter brown on the solid whites.

The bite of a Newfkom is a scissor bite as with both the Newfoundland and the Komondor.

The Newfkom head is massive and broad.  The head of Komondor and that of a Newfoundland is also concidered massive and broad. 

The Newfkom does not have the water resistant coat of the Newfoundland, but does maintain the vibriant colors of the newfoundland coat.  The Newfkom's  outercoat is wavy and plush, moderately long and full,

with an undercoat that is soft and dense. 





Newfkom Update!

Now accepting deposits for summer -fall 2013 Newfkom litters:

Planned litters are as follows

Patience - Linus

Annie - Thunder

Paisley - Linus

Porsche - Linus

Cricket - Storm

Newfkoms are 1200.00

Deposit is 200.00

  As of 1/2013 shipping for all puppies is 395.00

Go to the I want a puppy ( the link to left) page to get started.

Please click here to learn about shipping a puppy

  Please see our puppy shipping page for this wonderful program.


Above Newfkom photos courtesy of the Fairbanks family in Iowa. Newfoundland Komondor hybrid female 14 weeks


above photos are of Newfoundland, Komondor hybrids, aka Newfkom puppies 8-9 weeks of age.

The non drooling and non shedding Newfoundland hybrid.


Before you read on take a moment and click here!

A Newfkom is a hybrid large breed dog which is possible by breeding of a purebred hungarian Komondor and a purebred Newfoundland .

The result is a perfect blend of Newfoundland and Komondor.  The best of both breeds make up this wonderful, non shedding, non drooling, loveable large dog. 

Feathers And Fleece Farm is the only breeder of Newfkoms!  The apperance of a Newfkom plays tricks on the eyes.  Newfkoms look just like an Old English Sheepdog. The only

exception is the black in the Newfkom coat remains deep shiny black where as an Old English Sheepdog  the black in the coat would fade to a light shade of gray- blue. 

The Newfkom is larger than the average Old English Sheepdog.  A male Newfkom will stand 28 inches at the withers and a female 26 inches at the withers, with an average weight of males

 of 120 + pounds, and females 110 + pounds. 

We did not breed this hybrid totally blind.  We employ the help of a Theriogenologist veterinarian with extensive knowledge of both breeds.

The apperance of the Newfkom is very similar to an Komondor,  large, muscular dog with plenty of bone and substance, covered by thick yet soft coat of a balance of black and white.

Newfkoms like water as a Newfoundland does, and enjoy a good game of "tug of war" as a Newfoundland would.

A Newfkom is also an excellent guardian of the family, flock and farm taking on it's Komondor traits, but unlike its Newfoundland side does not drool, nor do they shed at the adult stage.

Having said that, the coat of a Newfkom will matt if not clipped or brushed. 

At Feathers And Fleece Farm we take ours to the groomers and have her clipped like a poodle into a puppy cut.  Since a Newfkom's coat has a tight crimp similar to sheeps wool we only need to groom 

once a year.  Most of our clients have told us they clip twice a year for a neat apperance.   

The coat of the Newfkom is thick and dense so they do very well outside,with the webbed feet of a Newfoundland they do enjoy a romp in the lake or a roll in the flower bed, so watch the silly

behaviors if you want to preserve summer flowers. 

 Newfkoms are highly intelligent and very eager to please unlike the stubborn Newfoundland, best of all Newfkoms have a longer life span than most

large breeds due to the breeding portion of the Komondor.  Newfkoms have pink skin with black spots like the landseer Newfoundland, and will happily show

you if you agree to rub her belly.

Most important Newfkoms love just about everything from children to animals.  Infact we have yet to find something that a Newfkom is not happy to meet. 

Newfkoms females rarely take on an Alpha personality, they are eager to make friends and are very willing to share.  You will not find this to always be the case in an Old English Sheepdog. 

This sweet and even temperment is possible due to both the Newfoundland and the Komondor breeds.   

At Feathers And Fleece we do feel that this is a great breed and are very excited to have added them to our farm.

Puppies come microchipped, and with a full health promise as all puppies do from Feathers And Fleece.  We have every puppy hip checked, first set of puppy shots,

wormed and health papers, and of course our unsurpassed health promise, which can be viewed on this site by clicking the health promise page.

 We do all we can to provide you with a healthy and happy best buddy for years to come.

Sadly enough we rarely have puppies available to folks calling the farm.  The majority of our clients have personally selected the parents for their new puppy and have already placed deposit,

and know when their puppy will be bred.  If you are seriously interested in owning a Newfkom please drop us an e mail or call the farm 812 866 4660. 

At Feathers And Fleece Farm we breed wanted pets.  We breed for confirmation and health.  We never have an abundance of puppies filling our kennels for sale. 

 Our puppies are nearly always sold before conception. We realize this is upsetting to a lot of people who stumble upon this breed and want a puppy now.

Trouble is most folks that decide they want a puppy now, are not really ready to make the commitment that is required to raise a large breed dog for the

next 10-16 years.  We find that families that are willing to wait for a puppy are more prepared and educated for the new member coming into their family. 

We state on our website that we will take any dog back if there is an issue and the owners can no longer care for the dog.  We have never taken one back, and we

are certain that this is due to the education we provide our clients, along with the awesome socialization policy we have for all of our puppies. 

We spend hours holding every puppy and teaching every puppy all we can about the world.  I must admit, this is not a chore.  In fact it almost feels like I am goofing off.

Spending all of this time with puppies is so much fun!  I tell them ( the puppies ) over and over ,I gotta get to work now, when in truth this is my work, it just feels like play.

A puppy that has not been socialized will be scared, stand off annd hard to bond with.  A well socialized puppy will climb into the lap of about anyone to play!  This is

my goal.   I live for the farm visits!  When a family comes to choose their puppy, and after hours of play they look at me and say " we will have to call you " I know I have

did a good job.  This happens all of the time.  They are all such awesome chocies they cannot choose!  So often people tell me the worse place to be is in the first choice position.

They cannot choose from so many choices.  I have heard time and time again " you choose for me", I do not choose for you.  I will help you choose, but this is your big decision. 

I will provide videos and photos to assist you if you cannot come to the farm, but it is your decision.  Another nice thing about Feathers And Fleece Farm is if for some reason you

 cannnot find just the right puppy ( which never happens) you can wait for the next litter. 


                                                                         Above photos are of past Newfoundland, Komondor hybrids, aka Newfkom puppies 8 -9 weeks of age

                                                                                                                 The non drooling and non shedding Newfoundland.