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Feathers And Fleece Newfkom Puppies

The Newfkom

Newfkoms 1800.00
Deposit 200.00
Delta Pet First Shipping 495.00

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The Newfkom, the non drooling Newfoundland hybrid

The Newfkom TM  is a hybrid, a breeding of a purebred Komondor to a purebred Newfoundland.

Both the Newfoundland and the Komondor are intelligent working dogs.

Both the Newfoundland and the Komondor are loyal companions.

Both the Newfoundland and the Komondor exceed 100 pounds.

Why then do we need a hybrid you ask?

Well, the Newfoundland is a heavy shedding breed and a heavy drooling breed.

The Komondor is a non drooling and non shedding working dog breed, making it a good

candidate to mix with the Newfoundland.  This mix is close enough, yet different enough

that it improves the Newfoundland without actually changing everything that makes a Newfoundland great.

By breeding the Newfoundland to the Komondor, we have retained the loving teddy bear personality of the Newfoundland,

we have also retained the large size, and gotten rid of the drool.

The Newfkom still has a passion for water play, like the Newfoundland, even having webbed feet.

The Newfkom has the loving temperament of the Newfoundland,

  the height, the non shedding and non drooling traits of the Komondor.

This combination makes this breed an excellent choice for families looking for a large breed

with a great happy demeanor and size.

Click here to go to our Newfkom website and learn more.