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Newfkom Puppies


We have NewfkomTM puppies available!
Click here to view available puppies


Now Accepting Deposits

For Spring-Summer 2015 Landseer (Black and White)

Newfkom Breedings 

A completed waiting list form and deposit is required to get on the list.


            NewfkomTM Puppy Prices

Black 1400.00

Black and White ( Landseer ) 1800.00

Landseer litters closed until fall/winter 2015- we can accept 4 deposits for those litters


The Newfkom TM  is a hybrid, a breeding of a purebred Komondor to a purebred Newfoundland.

Both the Newfoundland and the Komondor are intelligent working dogs.

Both the Newfoundland and the Komondor are loyal companions.

Both the Newfoundland and the Komondor exceed 100 pounds.

Why then do we need a hybrid you ask?

Well, the Newfoundland is a heavy shedding breed and a heavy drooling breed.

The Komondor is a non drooling and non shedding working dog breed, making it a good

candidate to mix with the Newfoundland.  This mix is close enough, yet different enough

that it improves the Newfoundland without actually changing everything that makes a Newfoundland great.

By breeding the Newfoundland to the Komondor, we have retained the loving teddy bear personality of the Newfoundland,

we have also retained the large size, and gotten rid of the drool.

The Newfkom still has a passion for water play, like the Newfoundland, even having

webbed feet.  The Newfkom has the body structure of the Newfoundland with a large booty. 

In some cases the breeding of the Newfoundland to the Komondor has resulted in a taller dog than the Newfoundland,

taking on the height of a Komondor. 

Both the Newfoundland and the Komondor have large full tails, so that is still the case. 

The tail of a Newfkom, as in the Komondor is carried low when stressed or on guard.

When happy and at ease the tail is up high or wagging viciously. 

The Newfkom was developed on our farm here in Lexington Indiana. 

We did all of the footwork and own the trademark and all the rights to the name. 

The Newfkom comes in four colors, two common colors and two rare colors.

The black is the most common.   We also breed a black and white Newfkom.

We have had gray and a white Newfkom during our breedings.

The gray is more common than the white.  In the nearly ten years of breeding we have had three white

Newfkom puppies, with gray undercoat and four gray Newfkom puppies. 

All of these are Komondor dames bred to the Black Newfoundland sires.

The Newfkom has a life expectancy of 10-12 years. 

The Newfkom coat left un groomed is very similar to the Old English Sheepdog,

or the Sheepadoodle.  The Newfkom coat, like the Newfoundland and the Komondor is a thick double coat.  The coat is wavy and

could try to form cords like the Komondor, especially at the hips if un groomed. 

Grooming is suggested twice a year to maintain a nice and well groomed appearance. 

The temperament of a Newfkom is sweet, gentle and good natured.

The Newfkom is less stubborn than the Newfoundland and is much more eager to please.

It is advisable to seek basic obedience classes for the Newfkom at 8 - 16 weeks due to their large size.

The Newfkom responds well to praise in training. 

The Newfkom is being used across the country in therapy and service. 

Most recently in assistance to those with disabilities.

The Newfkom makes an excellent working dog, but does enjoy the praise of his owners and

being part of the family. 

A female Newfkom 100-130 pounds, height 26 inches

A male Newfkom 130-150 pounds, height 28 inches

The above statistics can vary depending on lifestyle.

Still have questions?

View our Questions Answered Page by clicking here

Adult Newfkom Photos below