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Feathers And Fleece Sheepadoodle Puppies, Mini Sheepadoodle Puppies, Micro Sheepadoodle Puppies


Micro Mini Sheepadoodle Puppies  14 inches - 19 inches (25-40 lbs) 2400.00
Mini Standard Sheepadoodles under 21.5 inches  1900.00
Standard Sheepadoodles 22 inches and up  1900.00
Silver Sheepadoodles 22 inches and up1900.00
Tri Color Sheepadoodles 1900.00
Deposit 200.00
Delta Pet First Shipping 525.00

The New Tri Color Sheepadoodle

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The Mini Sheepadoodle and the Standard Sheepadoodle at Feathers And Fleece

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We can breed your sheepadoodle to fade to silver.

The Sheepadoodle is a living teddy bear!

Call the farm for additional information at 812 866 4660.
Please remember I promise my clients a well socialized puppy.
That means I spend hours working with each puppy so time is limited.
If you can communicate with me via email, I can get to you faster than a phone call.
Or email me and ask me to call you, or call the farm and leave a message and a time I can return your call.
Remember to leave your phone number.

Sheepadoodle Puppies at Feathers and Fleece Farm
We can breed our Sheepadoodles to fade to blue/silver or remain black and white and dock tails to
Old English Sheepdog Show standards.
This allows for no mistaking your adult Sheepadoodle for any other doodle breed.

The non refundable deposit is 200.00 to get on our waiting list and is applied toward puppy price.
Shipping is available in the USA for 525.00 (see shipping puppy page).
We breed our Sheepadoodles to look like Old English Sheepdogs.
Sheepadoodle puppies at Feathers and Fleece have tails bobbed and dew claws removed.
We only use blue-silver-white or parti standard poodles of equal size.
Our Standard Sheepadoodles stand 21-26 inches at the shoulder and weigh 60-100 pounds depending on sex.
We are the primary breeder of the Mini Sheepadoodle in the United States.
Our Mini Sheepadoodles are bred with our Moyen Standard Poodle moms that are under
40 pounds to our smaller Old English Sheepdog stud weighing 60 pounds.
The result is a healthy Mini Sheepadoodle with an adult weight of approx. 45-65
pounds depending on sex and lifestyle, and the parents we breed.
Sheepadoodles are non-shedding and are hypoallergenic.
Unlike Old English Sheepdog females sheepadoodles are not likely to have
an alpha personality.
Sheepadoodles are very intelligent and eager to please when well socialized.
When buying any hybrid breed, be sure your breeder is breeding quality pure bred AKC stock,
of good health, and even temperament.
At Feathers and Fleece, we only start with the finest breeding dogs.
Perfect examples of both breeds, in health, conformation, and temperament.
Socialization makes all the difference.
Endless hours are spent with your puppy so when he gets to your home,
he is ready to enjoy life with his new family.
In sixteen years, I can proudly say I have not had a dog returned or gone to shelter.

My puppies are even tempered and easily bond to their families.
Feathers And Fleece employs only the finest staff.  All Feathers And Fleece employees are
college graduates or have veterinarian assistance backgrounds.
Our puppies are tended to constantly.  Our buildings are staffed full time.
 No puppy is left unattended.  All puppies are held and loved from birth.
All staff members are trained to care for puppies every need.

Feathers and Fleece Farm does reserve the right not to sell a puppy if we are not
certain the client will provide a good home.
Every puppy will undergo a complete health inspection.
If a puppy should have any health issues, we will not offer him for sale
and you will be asked to wait for the next litter.
Feathers and Fleece is known for well tempered, socialized puppies.
We take the placement of every puppy seriously spending hours with every puppy.
If I do not answer your call, please email me.
I will respond within minutes.
Phones will not ring outside of the house, but emails come through.
I respond to everyone, even if you bought your dog from another breeder.
If I can't help you, I will find someone who can.
Most of your questions can be answered on this website
by clicking the link below.
Questions answered

To best understand the Sheepadoodle,
You must first understand the Old English Sheepdog.

The Old English Sheepdog is a herding dog, but most owners will tel you that
they are watch dogs because they are always on guard for intruders and new
arrivals to the home.
They will be your first alarm system to sound.
Nothing will get past the Old English Sheepdog.
Once the newcomer arrives to your property, the Old English Sheepdog
will alert of their presence and wait for your signal to stand down.
Unlike dogs in the guardian breeds, they will not attempt to hold the threat in it's place
or attack.
The Old English Sheepdog will simply alert you and if they sense danger,
they will use their able booty to push you back away from the threat.

The Old English Sheepdog may have descended from the Bearded Collie, but other breeds
may also be in it's background.
The breed has been known since at least the 1770's and was primarily a drover's dog,
taking sheep and cattle to market towns.
Unlike hunting dogs, working dogs, such as those owned by drovers were
not taxed and their tails were cut or boobed to prove their tax-free status.
Old English Sheepdogs may be born without tails or with tails varying lengths;
most have tails at birth and are bobbed when they are three or four days of age.
The bobbing of an Old English Sheepdog's tail in modern times is done as much
much for identification as well as hygiene.
Drovers' dogs were responsible for keeping the herd or flock together,
steering the stock as directed by their master, finding and collecting strays, and guarding
their charges from other dogs, wolves or people with intent of mischief.
This vocation required intelligence, strength, agility, endurance, and speed,
all of which the Old English Sheepdog still retains.
The Old English Sheepdog has an antic sense of humor and is devoted to it's family
and home. It is not likely to roam.
Old English Sheepdogs are great with children.
The Old English Sheepdog is an alert watchdog, although it tends to treat everyone as a friend.
The Old English Sheepdog is steady and sensible, tolerant of other dogs, and tends
to herd small animals and sometimes children.
The Old English Sheepdog has a deep and low toned bark, and for a moderately large dog,
it occupies a surprisingly small amount of space.
The Old English Sheepdog makes a pleasant home companion.
It is necessary that it receives adequate exercise, such as long walks a couple
times a day.
It is also essential that they have a safe place to run.
The Old English Sheepdog's coat provides good protection from heat as well as cold
and wet, but it must be brushed weekly or it's coat will mat and tangle.
Old English Sheepdog males are 22" at the withers and up , while females
are 21" at the withers and up.
The weight of an Old English Sheepdog is 70+ pounds for females and 80+ for males.