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Feathers And Fleece Giant Schnoodle

Feathers And Fleece Farm
Giant Schnoodle Puppies

Giant Schnoodles 1500.00  ( 20 - 22"  60-90 pounds)
Standard Schnoodles 1800.00  (17 - 19" 30 - 45 pounds)
Deposit 200.00
Delta Pet First Shipping 495.00

The Giant Schnoodle
Giant Schnoodles are a large working dog that loves to be with the family.
Giant Schnoodles make excellent watch dogs and family pets. 
The Giant Schnoodle is large enough that he can do a great job of protecting children, livestock,
and the family home and farm.
The Giant Schnoodle is 100% hypoallergenic, no shedding, no dander, no drool!
We breed our Giant Schnauzers that look just like the Giant Schnauzer. 
Most Giant Schnoodles are solid black, some have white in areas.
The Giant Schnoodle male weighs 70-80 pounds on average, while the
Giant Schnoodle female weighs 60-70 pounds on average.
The Giant Schnoodle male stands around 27 inches to the shoulder
and the Giant Schnoodle female stands around 26 inches to the shoulder.
These are highly intelligent dogs, that remain a playful part of the family for their lifespan.
Since this is a hybrid mix of two of the most intelligent dog breeds, you can expect this breed to be far
more intelligent than most.  The Giant Schnoodle is also a hybrid breed so it has a longer life expectancy and fewer
health issues.  The Giant Schnoodle learns very fast making it an excellent choice for therapy and service work.

As for why I chose the Giant Schnoodle to breed on our farm in Indiana, its for the all around versatility!
I love smart!  Who wouldn't?  But I also love a fun personality. 
This is a wonderful breed for my farm. 
The Giant Schnoodle puppy is a soft ball of fur, full of licks and kisses. 
Learning basic commands early. 
Most of the Giant Schnoodles we place are potty trained before they leave our farm.
The coat of the Giant Schnoodle is shiny, soft and touchable. 
It is easily brushed, and the giant schnoodle loves the time you spend grooming him. 
The Giant Schnoodle is no different from his parentage, in loving the water. 
The Giant Schnoodle will love trips to the lake or time in a baby pool. 
I love the fact that the Giant Schnoodle will walk by my side at even a young age without a leash, very eager to
please his owner.  Visitors to our farm gravitate to the Giant Schnoodles and the Giant Schnauzers, partly because they are
silly and fun, and partly because they are a rare breed, and few have seen such a large schnauzer. 
Most people are familiar with the miniature schnauzer, but few have seen Giants in the flesh.
They are stunning! 
I groom my Giants about three to four times a year. 
I like them to be tidy and pretty, some owners groom their Giant Schnoodles more often and some less frequently.
The coat does not matt easily like other breeds. Frequent brushings will keep the coat smooth and beautiful.
Take time to learn more about the Giant Schnauzer.
This rare breed will amaze you. 

Why Giant Schnoodles

I started Feathers And Fleece Farm in the early 90s focusing my efforts on my Shetland Sheep,
Great Pyrenees and Old English Sheepdogs. 
At that time in our country, if you had a farm you also had a Great Pyrenees dog. 
If you owned Sheep, then naturally you owned an Old English Sheepdog.
Over the years I have bred many litters of both, placing more Great Pyrenees than just about any breeder in the country.
Infact, it would be hard to find a reputable breeder with out Feathers And Fleece Farm on their pedigrees.
I began to seek out a better dog of protection for my farm in 2005.
I was looking for a breed that would not chase away predators, but stand and protect.
I wanted a dog that would not leave my farm, would not leave my flock,
and would not leave my family.
 That was about the same time the economy was uncertain,
and my husband began to travel for his work more often.
After much reading, talking, and visiting, I found the Komondor.
 The protection level of the Komondor breed and their commitment to the farm
is unsurpassed by any other breed. 
Massive in size,and loveable to the core. 
Basically everything that I ever wanted in a dog.
The only down side to the Komondor is really its massive size. 
The true Hungarian Komondor is HUGE!
It is overwhelming for most visitors.
The fact that the Komondor is non shedding is a huge plus. 
The fact that the Komondor does not drool is an even bigger plus!
I soon began to realize that a farm dog that can be both a non shedding house dog and farm dog is in HUGE demand!
Which leads me to the Giant Schnoodle.
When looking for a dog to protect your farm, you look for brave, double coated, strong, and smart dogs.
No one wants a farm dog that is constantly challenging the fencing.
You want a dog content with its farm and family. 
A dog that is eager to please and learns fast.
A dog that can be fun, but not overly energetic.
A dog that does not want to herd your animals but keep a watchful eye on them .
It is also very nice to have a dog with a soft double coat for protection in the event that they might be
in a fight.  A non drooling and non shedding dog that can go from barn to in the home at the end of the day is also a plus.
I found that the Giant Schnoodle does just as well with my animals as my Pyrenees, and is as watchful of the farm as my Komondors.
They are a medium to large breed making the Giant Schnoodle the perfect house dog, 
but large enough to keep away predators.
I quickly learned that the Giant Schnauzer was highly superior in understanding human command in comparison
to my other breeds.  When I bred the Giant Schnauzer to the standard poodle ( one of the AKC top 5 smartest dog breeds)
I was flat out stunned!   The body structure is that of a Giant Schnauzer but the brain and the agility of a standard poodle.
The Giant Schnoodle is not only growing fast in popularity among farmers, but in the therapy world as well.
We are finding more and more people are using the Giant Schnoodle in visiting the sick in hospitals, nursing homes,
and in schools and homeless shelters. 
The biggest attraction to this breed for most is the non shedding coat, but for me it
is the fact that the Giant Schnoodle is content on his farm, and is so intelligent.
I love smart!  I say that once a day. 
If you are looking for an addition to your farm and family that is ..
ANon Shedding
B.  Non Drooling
C.  Super Smart
D.  Protective
Then the Giant Schnoodle is your dog!