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"Sweet Poppy has brought so much laughter and joy into our lives! We can't remember our 
family without her. She greets us every morning with sloppy kisses and a wagging tail
 and evenings bring cozy snuggles on the couch.She is smart and was quick to learn potty
 training and other basic commands. A short walk through the neighborhood always turns
 into a long walk as we are always stopped by curious neighbors asking about her breed.
 Last week a stranger literally said "That is the cutest dog I have ever seen!"We couldn't 
agree more!" - Katie King

 "If you are interested in a Sheepadoodle, we highly recommend Feathers and Fleece Farm! From day one,
Jennifer was always easy to get in-touch with if we had any questions.We have had our Sheepadoodle,
 Penny,now for four months and I still contact her for advice. Penny came to us as a healthy,
 curious, well- socialized puppy and she is growing up to be an intelligent, easy to train, spunky
 and loyal companion. We could not have asked for a better breeder!"  - Emily Corntassel

"Jennifer is very passionate about her dogs and takes pride in what she does. My wife
 and I chose her as the breeder for our Sheepadoodle for the qualities already mentioned
 as well as her wonderful dogs. Our guy is five months old today and we couldn't be happier
 with him. He required very little training and work because of the effort Jen and her staff put
 into developing and socializing our puppy. Feel secure when you choose Feathers and
 Fleece Farm knowing you are getting a healthy dog and a knowledgeable breeder." - Ali Afzal 

"We have two precious Old English Sheepdogs from Feathers and Fleece Farm.
 The puppies arrived well-socialized and were obviously very well cared for. Jennifer
 was always available to answer our questions. We love our sheepies to bits
 and could not imagine life without them!" - Michelle and Scott McNerlin

"My name is Danny Blanton and a little over two years ago I started conversations with Feathers and Fleece
 about a Sheepadoodle. Jennifer has always been extremely available and helpful throughout the adoption
 and the many questions I've had. I've owned dogs all my life and the pup I adopted had the impossible
 task of not replacing but being an addition to my little "pack". I've always had two dogs and I had an old Berner
 that had died a year previously. My other dog (Luke) is a Labradoodle which sold me on the poodle-mix.
 However, I wanted my second dog to have a bit more size and a bit more sense of adventure since I backpack
 a lot with my dogs. Luke is a wonderful loving dog but he is rounding ten years old and enjoys day long naps and 
short walks. 

I asked for the largest male pup that Jennifer had and was sent "Levi". It's been a little under 2 years that I've had
 him and he is the happiest most well behaved,clumsy but extremely intelligent dog I've owned. He is very tall but 
not heavy so he has the look of a large dog especially with his hair grown out. I walk him through many parts of LA, 
where I live, and I cannot go more than 20 feet without kids and people wanting to pet and talk about him.

I've already spoken about getting a second Sheepadoodle. Levi is extremely docile, very playful yet in-tune
 to your behavior. He is indoors 90%of the time and sleeps when I work in my office but is ready to run
 when I go on trail runs. He is a perfect family dog or a perfect sporting dog if you have an active life. 

I've never been so satisfied with something I was otherwise so unfamiliar with. Levi's hypoallergenic
 hair and calm demeanor makes a dog that I never stress about in almost any circumstance." - Danny Blanton

"We got our Newfkom from Feathers and Fleece in February and are so in love with him. Jennifer
 and her facility came highly recommended to us so we drove from Virginia to pick him up. We were looking for
 a breed that was good with other animals and kids sincewe have a five year old daughter. He is amazing with
 our daughter and our cat. He is very eager to please, gentle, adorable and always wants to be by your
 side. He is almost five months old and he weights almost 50 lbs and loves to be in your lap. Our daughter 
lays on the floor with him all the time with her head on him. 

If you are looking for a large lovable dog for your family and home the Newfkom from Feathers and Fleece Farm
 will not disappoint!" - Lesley Shields

"I cannot say enough about our Newfkom, Willow. She is amazingly intelligent. Since the day we
 got her all we have to do is show her something we want to teach her once and the second time
 she does it! Willow has been in puppy training classes since she was 14 weeks old and the director
 of her school said that he has NEVER seen such a quick to learn, kind, happy, or eager to please
 puppy. Recently we had to take a 6 hour trip and Willow was a star traveler. We stopped every two
 hours but other than that she didn't make a peep. We took her shopping in Bangor, Maine and everyone
 we saw had to comment on her behavior and were always shocked to find out she is only 17
 weeks old!  I don't think I could ever have asked for a more intelligent, eager to please, kind, social and
 just basically easy going puppy!!! I am hoping to get Willow a sister next year and would never have 
any other breed again." - Holly Malinowski 

"In March 2012 we purchased a Great Pyrenees from Feathers and Fleece Farm. Throughout
 the entire process Jennifer was awesome! She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, promptly
 responds to questions and inquires and provides exceptional information about the specific breed of
 dog being purchased, their training, their growth and development. Our experience with Feather
 and Fleece was so  positive, that in March 2015, we turned to Feather and Fleece to purchase
 our second dog from Jennifer. This time a Newfkom. Once again our experience was outstanding.
 Puppies are extremely well-socialized, healthy and raised in pristine conditions. Documentation
 of lineage, shots and care is detailed and organized. In addition,Jennifer has gone well above
 and beyond to meet the needs of the buyer. She is a truly dedicated, devoted and loving caregiver
 to all her puppies.Feathers and Fleece Farm is an awesome facility....Jennifer is an
 awesome breeder!" - Barbara Phillipson 

"Jennifer was extremely helpful at Feathers and Fleece Farm. She answered all of my questions and assured me
 that my puppy would be perfect...Boy was she right! My Sheepadoodle, Nora, has been the easiest dog to train.
 She lives to please!! She gets along with my sassy Pomeranian, has the most wonderful markings, and has
 a very laid back personality. The socialization that Nora got at Feathers and Fleece makes all of the
 difference. I would, and do, recommend Feathers and Fleece every time someone asks about my Sheepadoodle.
 Great establishment with great people! Jennifer,thanks so much for giving me such a wonderful best friend." - Jen Davis 

"My Giant Schnoodle is the best dog I have ever had. She is everything that we were promised.
 I wanted a smart dog and I got one! Jennifer is quick to respond to any questions asked. The farm
 is very clean and well maintained. Thank you to Jennifer and her team for matching me with a perfect new
 family member!" - Rustin Egner

"Over a period of over two years my wife and I looked for the perfect place to get our Sheepadoodle.
We found Feathers and Fleece and immediately knew this was the place. The entire process
 was a breeze. Once we welcomed out new puppy, Sawyer, home we knew we had made
 the right decision. I still remember the look on my kids' faces as we welcomed him at the airport.
 My seven year old son looked at him and said "welcome to the family". To say that Sawyer is very well
 socialized would be an understatement! We take him to our activities and he loves the attention that
 everyone gives him. He is always welcoming to those that want to stop and say hello, never aggressive.
 He is crate trained and never barks. We have had him for 3 months now and he has only barked 3
 times at most. This is important to me as I hope to train him as a therapy dog. He has fit in with our
 family quite well.We thank the folks at Feathers and Fleece Farm for helping us
 find the perfect addition to our family. Jennifer and her crew are the BEST!!!" - The Heathcock Family

"Just one visit to Feathers and Fleece Farm will demonstrate to you how dedicated Jennifer and her
 family are to their adult dogs and the puppies they raise. The cleanliness of the facility and all the love
 they give their dogs will help you realize that you chose the correct breeder for your family. We are
 extremely happy with the Sheepadoodle that we purchased from Feathers and Fleece Farm. From
 the first day that we brought him home he has been a healthy, happy, loving and sociable dog. Leo is
 extremely intelligent and is the prefect companion for our five year old grandson. I highly recommend
 Feather and Fleece Farm. Good things come to those who wait!!!" - Stephanie Matusak

"We have had such a great experience getting our Newfkom, Puck, at Feather and Fleece Farm. He is 
such a wonderful dog. The information and pre-process were wonderful. The birth announcement was 
so exciting and the best part of all is when my son and I made our visit to the farm for selection. It was 
such a memorable event for the two of us to share. I would recommend that everybody make a visit to 
the Farm. It really brings the entire experience together. If we ever get another dog we will most
 certainly be back to Feather and Fleece Farm." - Jeff Pzynski

"Feathers and Fleece delivered more than just a pet. We can gloss over her incredibly soft 
(non-shedding) coat and adorable face that garners constant attention both at the dog park and
 around town. What is really important is that our Giant Schnoodle, Primrose, is everything that
 we could have hoped for. We looked at a lot of breeders before deciding on Feathers and Fleece Farm.
They truly care about the dogs and it shows. 

The temperament of our Schnoodle is absolutely perfect for our family. Primrose loves
 to be with us all the time whether we are hiking, biking,walking around the neighborhood or just
 hanging out watching TV.She does wonderfully off her leash because her instinct is to stay with 
the family and make sure the kids are always within sight. If anyone starts lagging behind she 
starts shuffling back and forth encouraging the lagging family member to get back with the pack.
 She is extremely intelligent and was very easy to train. She picked up on commands almost instantly
because she is so eager to please. We could see her mind working trying to sort out exactly what
 we wanted from her even when she was just a few months old. She is very protective and gives us 
a warning bark if anyone comes near the house. The warning only persists and escalates if she does
not know the person. This is exactly what we wanted in our pet. 

On top of this she is also extremely sensitive to our emotions. If one of the kids is crying or sad
 for ANY reason she runs over and stays with them giving kisses and cuddles until they feel better.
 She truly cares and takes it upon herself to care for us. My son now tells me "I need Primrose" 
every time he gets a boo boo because he knows she will make him feel better. I can definitely say
 without hesitation that Feathers and Fleece Farm's Giant Schoodle is the absolute perfect 
family dog." - Brett Wiseman