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Komondors And Komondor Puppies

Now accepting deposit for Komondor litter expected April 2016.
A completed application and deposit required to get on the list.



Komondor Puppies 1400.00

Komondors make the best family pets.

Just in ! 

Komondors were just voted in top three

best pet for family guardian dogs.

We may pamper our dogs a little too much!

Our Komondors

Linus, Lilly, Raggedy Ann and Kecses,Raggedy Andy

All of our Koms have very hard to pronounce Hungarian names in front of the easier American names we gave them.

We did this to try and show respect to the country that brought us this wonderful breed.

above photo is of Komondor female Lilly.

  Komondor is mans best friend!

Both of our Spring 2013 Komondor litters are closed.

Any deposits placed will be for summer 2013-14 ( Lenci )

Komondors Prices are as follows


Kecses-  aka, Cricket

Above photos are of Komondor female Kecses.  Kecses has five champions in her pedigree.

The name Kecses is hungarian for graceful.

The nickname Cricket was given to her by me, because as a puppy she would jump into my arms.

Our line of Komondors are a true bloodline from Hungry, they are VERY large.

Please read all you can about the breed before making  your decision.

after reading about the Komondor some find that the Newfkom is a bettter choice for their family.

Newfkom info is located on our Newfkom page of this site. 

To place deposit we will need for you to call us 812 866 4660.

Or simply click here to pay with pay pal .


Our AKC Komondors have champion bloodlines, well socialized, very intelligent, super fun and super loveable!


Komondors are rare in the United States.  You will find only a handful of breeders in this country. 

A true Hungarian Komondor will have this noted in the pedigree, it will be large ( males can

weigh up to 120 pounds plus, and females up to 110 pounds plus) 

They are very tall dogs ( komondor males 28 and up, komondor females 26 and up, from withers to ground)

Often people think that a true bred Komondor is a hybrid breed, a mix of

Great Dane and Poodle.  As you look at the photos below you can see why. 

Komondors are also referred to as Hungarian Sheepdogs and Komondorok.

This is a highly intelligent dog that is documented to date back to the early 1800s.

It is believed the Komondor breed is even older than that.

The wonderful loving Komondor well socialized, is often called the King Kong of guardian dogs.

Komondors are one the fastest of the working dog breeds to enable them to capture an intruder at the blink of an eye.

Komondors have other advantages over the others in the working breed as well, such as their rather large nose,

the apperance of this black nose is very cute and draws you to their happy face, but it is actually gives the Komondor an excellent

sense of smell.  The Komondor Paw is similar to a bear, with claws that amaze visitors.

The soft, non shedding coat of a Komondor provides them protection from predators as well as an insulator against the elements. 

Komondors can be a soft loving and cuddly teddy bear for the family, loving even the smallest family members,

and provide the family with a secure home and property .

This is only possible when getting your Komondor from a reputatble breeder.

Be sure that you find a breeder that works with the Komondor and the Komondor puppies to

well socialize them early in life.  We begin the socialization of all puppies at Feathers And Fleece Farm at birth.

Puppies must be handled daily, and once the puppies leave our farm this process must continue. 

It is important to note, a Komondor that is not properly socialized early on and not handled

often at the adult stage will become overly independent, and territorial.

As I write that, I am smiling. I cannot imagine not spending time with my Komondors everyday. 

They give so much back.   I love big kisses from big dogs.  Koms give really big kisses!

Best of all, a well socialized Komondor will love even the smallest of animals and children.

Komondors, Great Pyrenees and most recently our Newfkoms are becoming the number one choice for families with children. 

It is an excellent choice for parents looking for a friendly companion for children that will watch over them. 

In choosing a guardian dog for your family take size and excercise requirements into concideration.

For those families too busy to spend time with their guardian dog do not concider the Komondor.

Feathers And Fleece Farm only has a handful of Komondor puppies available each year.

Most families are on the waiting list for several months to a year. 

I see this as a good thing.  It gives families plenty of time to research the breed to be certain that this is the breed for them. 

We also provide a lot of written literature to our clients to help them make the right decision. 

We encourage clients, if at all possible to come to our farm and visit our adult Komondors.

Many times after people have made the trip to our farm they have switched to a different breed,

most commonly the Newfkom.  The Newfkom is a Komondor bred to a Newfoundland.

It is a smaller, more colorful and more laid back version of the Komondor.



 Komondor male, Linus    Komondor female, Lilly

   Komondor, Raggedy Ann enjoys a day of snow.   Komondor Raggedy Ann

   Komondor, Lilly wins a game of tag.

 Komondor Lucy (retired)

Our Komondors

Linus ( male )  -  118 pounds, height at the withers  28"

Lucy ( female)109 pounds, height at the withers 27.5 "

Lilly ( female ) 98 pounds,height at the withers 28.5 "

Raggedy Ann ( female ) 110 pounds, height at the withers 27 "

Kecses, aka- Cricket ( female ) 110 pounds, height at the withers 28.5"




True Hungarian Komondors are an extremely rare breed in the USA. 

We have over 7 Champions in our bloodlines!  In selecting our Komondors we looked for the finest qualities.

If you are searching for a true Hungarian bred AKC Komondor it is nearly impossible to find. 

Our Komondors are from Hungry and huge!

A true bred Hungarian Komondor male should be over 110 pounds and females over 90,

Our male is 130, and our female is over 100 pounds.

Males should be 27+ inches at the withers and females 26+ at the withers.

The bodies of our Komondors are slightly longer than their height making them show quality. 

The heads are large and the skin around their eyes and muzzle are dark. 

A Komondors coat should cord natually by the age of two.

In addition to the apperance of our Komondors we look for well, even temperment in our Komondors. 

I am asked so often to explain the temperment of a Komondor.  I have narrowed the

description to an easy to understand statement for folks. 

If you take the Great Pyrenees in your right hand and you take the Old English Sheepdog in your left hand

and you push the two of your hands together and press them into one then sprinkle the smashed pair with a dose of

Newfoundland then you have the temperment of a well socialized Komondor. 

A Komondor is not a hyper dog, but playful, and can easily forget their size, so be watchful.

It is the best of all breeds.  It is docile, yet an amazing guard, it is fun but not over the top wild.

It is loving, and will literally give it's own life to protect the ones it loves. 

I cannot say enough good things about this breed. 

It is vital to expose your Komondor to people and other animals, and keep them as an active part of your life.

These dogs need to be included in your daily routine.

My Koms love to go.... and I do mean go!  All I need to do is say those simple words....

" Do you wanna go" ? there they go, dashing toward the truck.  All I need to do is open the door. 

I will admit I do get attention at stop lights and in the city. 

Huge white dogs sitting up in the passenger seat. 

I will tell the truth and also admit that when I take my Koms to the groomers or to the vet I always treat them with chicken

nuggets at the drive thru.  It is so fun to get the reaction of the drive thru clerk. 

They always stop to visit with us.

They do not roam, nor do they challenge the fence line.  They are eager to please and highly intelligent, and best of all they do not shed!

Okay the downside - is they are not the best breeders.  Making the price of a true AKC hungarian Komondor a bit expensive. 

They eat a lot for the first two years....but so do all of our other dogs. 

If you are cording your Komondor out they look pitiful the first year or so, and

washing them is a true chore if you have chosen to cord them. 

Mine do not mind the bath, like my sheepdogs they enjoy the attention, but they are like a

HUGE mop, that you just cannot wring out!  I remember the first time I tried to wash my gal, Lucy, it took close to two days

for her to dry and even then I felt wet in her undercoat, and it was really hot outside.

Most folks choose to keep them groomed like a poodle

( a puppy cut, but not a cleaned snout. I would advise leaving fur on the nose just clipped down) 

remember they have much fuller fur than a poodle.

I am actually concidering this for my female.  It seems cleaner to me, but have not made the jump just yet.

( update... since I wrote that ... I clipped them all in a puppy cut)

If you decide to cord your komondor, it is a site to stop a car dead in it's tracks!

You can work the Komondors cords yourself, but  I found it best to find a groomer that could work the cords for me to make them even.

I tried to cord them myself and nooticed I had some fat and some thin, and he looked a mess.

These are big dogs, really big dogs.  The male when standing on his back legs will easily reach 6.5 feet tall. 

They do like to roll and play similar to the Old English Sheepdog.

  They will get dirty and require brushing or what I call picking ( if you cord them). Just as I would clean sheeps wool. 

They must have human interaction or buddies to care for.  A Komondor is not a loner, he would much prefer to have children,

 other dogs, cats, goats, sheep, something to take care of, but they love, love, love children and puppies!

These are most certainly the original gentle giants, my Lucy licks every lamb born on the property clean, while the

mother ewe stands by her side.   She would not dare harm a curl on a lambs head. 

We will apologize in advance that we cannot get a puppy to everyone.  We have about 8 - 10 puppies a year so sign up on the waiting

list and we will contact you once the litter arrives.  If placing deposit please call the farm to see if we already have deposits for the

upcoming litter (we only place our komondors with approved families and farms, we reserve the right to return your deposit). 

We have had many puppy mill type breeders contact us for our bloodlines.  We research every client. 

Our farm name is on every pedigree.  We will not risk selling our bloodlines to breeders that do not

have our same policies, or equal facility.   I apologize if any of what I have written comes off as snotty.  Anyone that

has worked with me knows I am far from that.  I am just the farmers daughter, that happens to love her dogs.

These are more than pets to me, they are my best friends. Please respect that.

I am a member of the Great Pyrenees Club Of America, I  chose this association because of all the breeds I raise they seem to

be the closest to respecting what I believe to be the most important aspects of working dog breeds. 

I believe that working dogs bred to work on farms, will thrive on farms, if provided proper care and socialization.

All of the dogs I raise were intended for working farms of one type or another, the Great Pyrenees Club Of America is

the only club I have found that respects those beliefs, and that responsible farmers can provide good homes to such a breeds.

Komondors are the King Kong of guardian dogs.  High end horse, alpcha, registered cattle farmers seek me out to

protect their very expensive investments.  My dogs are showy and are proven to get the job done.

Most recently the dog expert Cesar rated the top ten dogs for protection of the family and farm, you can bet mine are on the top of his list!


With rare breeds such as these, there are people that will place a deposit as much as two years in advance.

To see where the deposit positions are call me 812 866 4660.


A Brief Note About Our Puppy Prices

We run a clean and healthy farm where we spare no expense in the care and treatment of our dogs.

We are aware that there are breeders out there with less expensive puppies, and more expensive puppies.  We have been at both ends of the breeding business. 

 We, at one time were in the position as buyer and have toured many breeders homes, and farms.

 We choose to �"6�t our dogs like family and provide them with the type of home and care that we would want if we were living a dogs life. 

 It takes many hours to socialize puppies and train large breed dogs.   It takes a lot to transport large breeds back and  forth to the vets and groomers. 

This is not important to all breeders but we see it differently.  The end result is that we can be sure that when we send a puppy to his new home, that you-

as a new puppy owner will have no issues with health or behavior.  We  try to get all of our dogs certified for hips and elbows,

this is a common procedure for Newfoundlands, Komondors and Old English Sheepdogs but not a common procedure for Great Pyrenees breeders. 

 We have chosen to do this so all involved can have peace of mind, and we can rest assurred that we have placed the healthiest possible puppy in your home possible.

We have a health promise on a locked  page on our site. Please take time to read it.


Above photo is of Komondor female, Lilly.

I cut the cords off my Komondors!

Okay!  Let me explain.  Yes, I did spend a small fortune paying my groomer to cord the dogs. 

Linda did a wonderful job.  Only trouble is that Komondors are very playful, and silly at times.  They like to play in the water and roll in the mulch. 

Words cannot explain how hard it is to remove mulch, or dry leaves from a corded coat. 

I also began to notice that Linus ( which was fully corded, with the longest hanging cords ) just wasn't getting enough playtime from others. 

I discussed shearing the dogs with my senior vet. who was not happy about the idea. 

He is an old school vet ,and went on to explain the science and the history behind the coat, even bringing out reference books.  I do think he is a brilliant man,

 and I fully agree with everything that he said. 

The coat of this primitive breed is a temperature insulator, and their protection against predators.

I thought about all he said and finally came to my own decision. 

 First of all with 17 large dogs, there is really nothing to protect. 

My 17 huge dogs put out enough urine over our 30+ acres to keep anything and everything away, no predators here!

So, it came down to the interaction with people.   I was the only one that would play with Linus.  First of all because he is HUGE,

and the corded coat only made him look even larger!

Second, because I could not keep him clean.  No one wanted to pet the huge dirty dog. 

So there you have it! I loaded my huge dirty dog into my truck and took him to Linda the groomer, and told her to cut it all off. 

Komondors love to travel but the entire trip there he laid down in the seat near the air conditioner vent. 

Once I picked him up a couple hours later he sat high in the seat and looked out the window the entire way home!

Almost like he felt like a new man.

He is getting far more attention now from others and can once again enjoy belly rubs.  I could not find his belly before!

Above photo is of Komondor male, Linus.  Photo taken on the drive home the day we cut his cords.

If you are a Komondor owner and happen to be looking for a great groomer to help cord your Kom.

Please contact my groomer

Linda Hatfield

1 812 866 4043












Is A Komondor right for you?


Is A Komondor puppy right for you and your family? 

I would say yes, if you are looking for a dog that is devoted, loyal and is a natural guard of the whole family, and family farm.

Komondors are reasonable, friendly, calm dogs when everything runs on a normal routine. 

The Komondor can be aggressive if he feels his flock, family, or property is in danger. 

 Komondors are independant thinkers and tend to make decisions to do what they think is best on their own. 

 Komondors love children, other dogs,family pets, farm animals, when introduced early in life.

 They will protect and care for anything that is in the family, even cats. 

The Komondor has a corded, long and soft white coat that requires frequent care. 

 They have sensitive skin so special treatment is advised when bathing. 

Special attention must be paid to the komondors pads on his feet, because long hair can grow and knot between the pads of is feet. 

 Hair on foot pads should be trimmed a few times a year.

Training a Komondor is relatively easy as this is a very intelligent dog. 

The komondors trainer must be calm, consistent yet heavy-handed, as Komondors are usually willful and independent

Early socialization is vital and concidered a must for this breed. 

We begin to socialize our Komondor puppies the day they are born.

We handle each puppy daily and introduce them to all that life offers. 

Komondor Puppies on our farm are introduced to other dogs, large and small.

Komondor Puppies on our farm also get a taste of everyday life such as sweepers, household sounds, and children.

Komondor puppies that leave Feathers And Fleece Farm are far more socialized than any other breeder can offer you. 

All in all, these dogs are perfect for families living in the suburban areas as they naturally love big places and require large yards and runs. 

It is just not advisable to place a Komondor in an inner city apartment, or in a constant crated or kenneled environment.


Is A Komondor right for you?