5 (more) Benefits of Kids Growing Up with a Dog

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If you missed our first post about the benefits of kids growing up with dogs, I highly recommend you start there. We outlined how dogs are incredible for teaching kindness and responsibility, boosting a child’s confidence. However, the article didn’t mention several other advantages of children growing up alongside dogs. Here, we’ll get deeper into the unique benefits of adding a dog to your family. 

Unconditional Love

Dogs are unjudgemental, unconditional, and ever-loving. Children, and especially teens, have loads of pressure on them each day. Children benefit from having their pups around, no matter the struggles they are facing socially. 

Health – Body and Mind

Studies show that children who grow up with a dog have a decreased risk of developmental delays in communication. Children with dogs scored higher in communication, problem-solving, gross motor, and personal-social skills! It does wonders for a child to speak or read to a dog, so libraries often invite dogs to their reading hour. It benefits both the dog and the child. 

A recent study showed that owning dogs during a child’s early development decreases the child’s risk of milk, egg, and nut allergies. Babies raised in close contact with a dog get sick less often. Pet dander may also improve a baby’s immune system. 

An Active Lifestyle 

Playing, walking, and interacting with a dog requires movement and activity. Children raised with dogs are more likely to be active daily. A 30-minute walk is necessary for the dog and great exercise for growing children. Some teens consider their pups’ running buddies’ or ‘exercise buddies’ for workout motivation. Having a dog instills a regular activity, like walking, into a child’s life. 


Dogs are a great source of comfort in times of stress, like a slight injury or a thunderstorm. A lick on the cheek or a snuggle with a pup can quickly change a situation for the better. Petting a dog reduces your heart rate, and the comfort from their body acts as a weighted blanket. If a child is scared of the dark, they know their protector is there for them. Through thick and thin, dogs can be relied on to provide comfort and companionship. 


Petting and playing with a pup raises levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are the happy chemicals in our brains! Having a dog is fun, and what child doesn’t want to have fun? 

Our Favorite Pups for Kids 

At Feathers and Fleece, around 30% of our dogs are adopted by families searching for support dogs. Out of that 30%, over 20% of those dogs are specifically for teenage children who experience stress, bullying, and depression. Our dogs provide a healthy and positive outlet for these children and teach them valuable lessons in compassion and comfort.

Feathers and Fleece Whoodle

Whoodles are a breed of dog that is hypoallergenic, has a pleasant scent, and is incredibly lovable. They are often called “Teddy Bear Dogs” due to their adorable appearance. Whoodles are a cross between a Wheaten Terrier and a Poodle, which makes them highly intelligent and an ideal choice for families seeking an emotional support dog. They have moderate energy levels and have a special affinity for children.

Feathers and Fleece Schnoodle 

Schnoodles are a delightful combination of Schnauzer and Poodle breeds. The Mini Schnoodle dogs are ideal for young children since they only weigh 15-20 lbs. These adorable pets are intelligent, easy to train, and have a long life expectancy. With their playful and energetic nature, Schnoodles make great companions for children with a lot of energy to burn.

Kids Growing Up with A Dog – Final Thoughts 

Growing up with a dog brings many incredible benefits for children. Dogs offer unconditional love and support, which can help kids deal with daily pressures. Additionally, studies have shown that having a dog at home improves children’s communication, problem-solving, and social skills. They encourage an active lifestyle, and they provide comfort and companionship. Feathers and Fleece’s Whoodles and Schnoodles exemplify how dogs can be fantastic emotional support for children. Dogs teach children valuable lessons in compassion and comfort. So, if you’re considering adding a furry friend to your family, remember all these benefits a dog can bring to a child’s life!