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At Feathers and Fleece our mission is place only the most socialized puppies with our clients. We put special focus on the health of our breeding dogs by health testing each parent and educating our clients to make certain that they are prepared to take on the role as a new pet owner and not making an impulse purchase. This process has made Feathers and Fleece Farm the number one choice for hypoallergenic dogs. Make A Payment

Feathers and Fleece Virtual Tour

Come take a virtual tour of Feathers and Fleece Farm. See our state of the art facilities, glimpse adorable Feathers and Fleece puppies, meander our many walking paths and indulge in our abundance of beautiful gardens. It’s not a home without a dog.

Feathers and Fleece Farm

The finest Sheepadoodles come from Feathers and Fleece

Feathers And Fleece Farm was established in 1993. Our farm specializes in breeding hypoallergenic dog breeds that are both stunning and well socialized. The value we place on a well socialized pet is the reason for our continued success. Our staff begins imprinting each puppy at just days old. This is why Feathers and Fleece Farm is the number one breeder of the Sheepadoodle, with more Sheepadoodle dogs in therapy work than any other breeder in the world. You will find your Feathers and Fleece Sheepadoodle to be calm, well adjusted and easy to train due to our early imprinting program. Let’s not forget that Feathers and Fleece is known for the most stunning Sheepadoodles in the world. We breed the finest Sheepadoodles with a wavy coat to resemble the Old English Sheepdog. Commercial dog breeders are required to meet certain operational standards and here at Feathers And Fleece Farm we are very proud to uphold the highest standards in the industry as required by Indiana State Law .

Feathers And Fleece Staff

Get to Know Us

Feathers and Fleece Farm began in 1993 as Mingiones Gardens, a wholesale herb farm selling handmade herbal products, and breeding rare breed poultry, babydoll sheep and working dogs. In 2007 the wholesale portion of the farm was sold so we could focus on our working dogs and poultry and the farm was renamed Feathers and Fleece Farm as part of the business sale. Today the farm has grown from one employee to 11 staff members and 10 state of the art buildings. We still have gardens covering the farm filled with beautiful annuals, perennials, herbs, bulbs, vegetables and let’s not forget roses! Every inch of Feathers and Fleece Farm is covered with beautiful gardens. It is our belief that beauty in the gardens create a happier environment for the dogs, visitors and staff. Feathers and fleece houses an on site veterinarian facility, emergency care facility, grooming facility, training facility as well as 5 walking paths for our dogs and training puppies to enjoy. All Feathers and Fleece breeding stock is registered and health tested. All Feathers and Fleece puppies are not permitted to leave our farm until they are 10-12 weeks of age. We know our clients are busy so this is to insure our puppies have been protected with vaccinations, fully weaned and prepared to take on their new lives on their own. We believe puppies should not be rushed and pushed out the door before they are ready. As a Feathers And Fleece client you will be asked to visit our facility at least once, but are invited to visit the farm three times during this process. Please take time to review our entire site and view photos of our facility. If you would like additional information on our garden projects, livestock or seed company please see our sister site at Fern And Twig LLC.or go to fernandtwig.com

Jennifer Mingione

– Owner and Founder

Katie Blohm

– General Manager

Joe Bear

– Customer Service

Laurin Dalton

– Customer Service

Christopher Blohm

– Kennel Manager

Tyler Smith

– Farm Visitation Coordinator

Dr. Dwight Bradford

– Primary Veterinarian

Matthew Blohm

– Manager of Customer Service

Joe Mingione

– Grounds Keeper

Feathers And Fleece Campus

Quick tour of our facility – Feathers and Fleece Farm offers farm tours for clients only.