Starting The Process

How to adopt a puppy from
Feathers And Fleece Farm
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So you have thought it over, done all the research and you know you are ready to start the process to adopting a Mini Whoodle, Mini Sheepadoodle or Mini Schnoodle puppy from Feathers and Fleece Farm. There are a few bits of information we would like to review before we start the process.

First and foremost at Feathers and Fleece Farm we strongly believe that purchasing a puppy should not be an impulse purchase. This is living being that will join your family for what should be several years to come.

At Feathers and Fleece we have a long waiting list for nearly all the breeds we raise. This is solely due to our successful track record of placing the finest and most social puppies with our clients. It is also because these clients were totally prepared for the responsibility of owning a new puppy. Our clients have visited our farm, they have toured our facility, they have met the potential parents of their new puppy, and interacted with the adult version of the breed they have chosen and most importantly they have had our undivided attention to ask any question they might have to best prepare for the arrival of their new puppy.

In addition to all of that we assemble a full color book for our clients full of training information and breed information to help clients prepare.

Clients leave our facility with a great understanding of why socialization is so important.

Feathers and Fleece is among the best breeders in the United States and we are prepared to show every client why. More often than not we get phone calls from people saying that they see puppies available online from other breeders. This is because those breeders are not a facility like Feathers and Fleece Farm. We do not breed puppies that do not have a home. We bring puppies into the world who are wanted and needed. Feathers and Fleece is working from the moment that a puppy arrives for each client in the litter to insure that their puppy is a good fit. Our puppies are well adjusted and loved completely. Our clients understand this. Most importantly, we give our profits back to our farm and our program. This is the Feathers and Fleece difference. Feathers and Fleece has a genetic health guarantee that we are fully prepared to back if need be. Feathers and Fleece has only college educated staff members that are very knowledgeable about our business and caring for puppies. You can trust that we are going to place the finest puppy with your family , plus our farm has been in the business of placing social puppies for over 24 years.

To begin your application please click the link below. Keep in mind that you will be required to place a non refundable deposit of 200.00 to get on our list. The deposit, of course, is applied to the cost of your new puppy. If you opt to have pick of the litter, that option is an additional 500.00. The pick of the litter fee of 500.00 is not applied to the cost of your puppy and it is non refundable.

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