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There are so many doodle breeds that make great emotional support dogs. To be honest, there’s not an official list. But I would like to start making one. Today, we want to look specifically at the first dog on my list – the Mini Whoodle.

Emotional support dogs are an up-and-coming tool for people who need support with day-to-day life. Any dog owner will tell you how beneficial it is to have a dog around. They lift your spirits, they get you to exercise, and they encourage laughter and smiles.

After a hard day, it’s great to come home and have someone happy to see you at the door. It’s nice to have a pup who’s always up to play or go for a nice long walk.

Emotional support dogs are unique because they are really there to do a job – support. And Mini Whoodles fit that bill so well.

What is an Emotional Support Dog?

An emotional support dog is a dog that has been prescribed by a licensed mental health professional to someone with a disabling mental illness, according to the American Kennel Club.

Service Dogs

Emotional support dogs or ESAs (Emotional Support Animals) differ from service dogs. Typically, service dogs are allowed everywhere their human can go. ESAs are not granted this allowance and often have the same rules and regulations as a pet.

A service dog’s purpose is to assist a person with a specific task, such as crossing the street for a visually impaired individual. Although ESAs can do things such as snuggle on cue, that does not qualify as mitigating a disability.

Psychiatric Assistance Dogs

ESAs are also not psychiatric assistance dogs. The purpose of psychiatric service dogs is to assist their handlers with mental disabilities. For example, someone may instruct their dog to intervene if they exhibit repetitive behaviors. Or to wake someone up with a sleep disorder after they’ve fallen asleep midday.

Like service dogs, psychiatric service dogs trained by a licensed professional dog handler have the same rights under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

So, what does an emotional support dog do?

  • Ease anxiety and stress – snuggling and petting a dog causes the body to relax and lifts spirits.
  • Trauma Support – dogs can provide comfort to trauma victims.
  • Encourage Exercise – boosting your physical health lowers your blood pressure, increases your lung capacity, improves your ability to cope with pain, lifts spirits, and encourages positive hormonal and chemical balances in the brain.
  • Companionship – living with a mental disability can be extraordinarily lonely. Dogs can be a companion and friends in times of loneliness.
  • Unconditional love – dogs make us feel great because we know they love us no matter what. This provides a sense of purpose to give the dog care and love in return.

ESAs do not require specialized training but need to be exceptionally well behaved and trained well to be in public spaces.

ESA pups are not required to wear specific vests, ID tags marking them as ESA, or harnesses. If you need proof of your dog being ESA certified for things such as apartment living, or public transit, you’ll have to show documentation from a mental health professional.

Many colleges now have emotional support dogs available to students during high-stress weeks such as finals. Hospitals, nursing homes, and rehab centers have also started to allow emotional support dogs into their halls.

What is a Mini Whoodle?


A whoodle is a hybrid dog breed that mixed a Wheaten Terrier dog and a Poodle. When bred with a miniature poodle, the result is a Mini Whoodle.

Mini whoodles have silky smooth hair from their Wheaten Terrier parent and the intelligence of their poodle parent.

They have a life span of 12-15 years and get to be 20-30 lbs.

Whoodles come in almost any coat color but are mostly cream, black, or red/cream. They can also have merle or tri-colored coats.

Whoodles are considered hypoallergenic and do not shed. Their fur makes them great for families and children who have allergies.


Whoodles are loving, high-energy pups that are great family dogs.

They are very laid back and get along (and thrive) with other dogs. They enjoy meeting new people and new dogs if they are socialized when they are puppies.

Mini whoodles love to have another dog in the family to play with but may not be overly thrilled with a cat.

Whoodles are very affectionate and very intuitive. They are, however, not for a novice dog owner. Whoodles do not like to hear the word ‘no,’ and they can be hard to train. You should train your pup using positive reinforcement techniques only.

Mini whoodles need lots of exercises daily. Typically an hour or more will keep a whoodle pup happy. Whoodles love a good hike just as much as snuggling on the couch.

As always, these are generalizations about Whoodles. Your whoodle puppy may have a different temperament. Your whoodle will absolutely have its own personality and quirks.

Why Mini Whoodles make the Best Emotional Support Dog list

Mini Whoodles are outstanding pups, and it’s easy to see why they are on the best emotional support dog list.


Because of their small size, mini whoodles can go virtually anywhere (as long as they allow dogs). They are a great size to take with you to the beach, brewery, out and about, or for a long hike.

Dogs under 30 lbs are typically allowed to do much more than larger dogs. They can stay in more hotels, go to more restaurants, and sometimes places like stores or malls. You often can’t bring large dogs areas just because of their size.

They’re also the perfect size to snuggle up with at the end of the day. Being 20-30 lbs, you’ve got an oversized teddy bear to cuddle with.


Mini whoodles are highly social and do well meeting new pups and people. You won’t have to worry about your mini Whoodle acting out when bringing your dog along with you.

Walking your dog makes you more approachable and gives you something in common with other dog walkers. Going to a dog park with your Whoodle will be a blast, and you can meet other dog owners from your neighborhood or town.

Owning a dog can make making friends and connections easier while out and about.

You will feel encouraged to go out and about with your new social pup. It’s good for the dog and good for you!

Active and Snuggly

As mentioned before, exercise is excellent for emotional and mental health. Having an active mini whoodle will encourage activity. Whether a simple walk around the neighborhood or a deep woods hike, your mini whoodle will be thrilled with the adventure!

Just a 30-minute walk a day with your Whoodle can be a mood booster, keep you healthy, and gets your steps in for the day.

But mini Whoodles are also great for snuggling and petting to reduce anxiety. They’re the perfect size to curl up on your lap or lay on your legs.

Petting a dog reduces stress and anxiety. It can also lower your blood pressure and heart rate, slowing your breathing. Getting yourself into a meditative breathing pattern while petting a pup is easy.

Dogs raise your level of oxytocin or the ‘love hormone.’ That means petting and having a dog is a mood booster!

Ready for your Mini Whoodle Emotional Support Dog?

Click here to learn more about mini whoodles and how to apply for one today!

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