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Feathers And Fleece Health Contract

Buyer Agrees:

1. To continue all proper veterinarian care, including balance of puppy vaccinations and annual vaccinations, rabies vaccinations, continues treatment for parasites, and proper diet.

2. Buyer agrees to have puppy spay or neutered after puppy is 8 months and before 12 months of age.

3. Puppy will be examined by a licensed veterinarian with 48 hours of arrival.

4. Puppy is never to be chained or tied.

5. Puppy is not being purchased for resale.

Breeder Agrees:

1. That the buyer is purchasing a dog bred from purebred AKC parents, and breeder is prepared to show proof of registration.

2. Breeder guarantees that the puppy has been seen by a licensed veterinarian and has received age appropriate vaccinations, and worming products.

3. Breeder agrees to provide buyer with all medical records for puppy at time of sale.

4. If at anytime the life of the puppy is found to be at risk due to congenital defect (existing at birth) , owner will notify breeder and provide a written statement from a licensed veterinarian describing puppies condition and shall return the puppy to the breeder within three days of discovery. Breeder will replace the puppy from next available litter.

5. Breeder is not responsible if puppy contracts communicable diseases after leaving the breeder.

6. Breeder is never at anytime responsible for veterinarian bills.

7. Breeder guarantees puppy against congenital defects causing death until the age of one.

8. If puppy is found to have a congenital defect, owner must provide a statement from a licensed veterinarian puppy will be returned at owners expense, then the puppy will be replaced with first available litter.

9. In the event that your puppy develops hip or elbow dysplasia and is unsuitable as a pet, breeder will gladly replace the puppy, the replacement puppy will conclude the health contract.

Owner will be asked to provide a written statement from a licensed specialist in this field and x rays must accompany the written statement.

Breeder reserves the right to have x rays reviewed by our veterinarians.

If a new puppy is provided to the owner due to congenital defect including, hip and elbow dysplasia breeder will ship the puppy to the owner at breeders expense.

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