Hybrid Vigor

Understanding Hybrid Vigor

Feathers and Fleece Sheepadoodles, Whoodles. Schnoodles.

Have you heard the term hybrid vigor?

Well you will at Feathers and Fleece Farm. More and more people are taking notice of this amazing attribute of dog breeding. It is not a theory, but a term that describes what happens repeatedly throughout all species in the animal and plant kingdom. When unrelated breeds of any animal species are mated, the offspring in the first generation will be more healthy, fertile, and (in animals) mentally stable than either parent breed.

The first generation, also referred to as F1 by geneticists, will be intermediate in characteristics to the parents and resemble both breeds. To sum it all up, hybrid vigor, is a term used to describe the burst of fertility, good health and growth that is seen in the progeny when two unrelated breeds are mated. The longer these breeds have been separated and the greater the differences between them, the stronger the resulting hybrid vigor will be. This makes the Sheepadoodle, Whoodle, Schnoodle and most of all the Newfkom, (since the Newfkom is bred to the Komondor which is one of the oldest recorded dog breeds) a brilliant choice for those looking for a longer living and healthier family member.