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Komondor dogs are rare in the United States. You will find only a handful of breeders in this country. A true Hungarian Komondor will have this noted in the pedigree, it will be large ( males can weigh up to 120 pounds plus, and females up to 110 pounds plus) They are very tall dogs ( komondor males 28 and up, komondor females 26 and up, from withers to ground) Often people think that a true bred Komondor is a hybrid breed, a mix of Great Dane and Poodle. As you look at the photos below you can see why. Komondors are also referred to as Hungarian Sheepdogs and Komondorok. This is a highly intelligent dog that is documented to date back to the early 1800s. It is believed the Komondor breed is even older than that. The wonderful loving Komondor well socialized, is often called the King Kong of guardian dogs. Komondors are one the fastest of the working dog breeds to enable them to capture an intruder quickly. At Feathers And Fleece we pride ourselves on the most socialized Komondors. We spend several hours a day with our Komondor puppies to insure our clients are getting a well rounded and good tempered Komondor puppy. Our Komondors are among the largest in the country so we have had extensive health testing preformed to insure our clients are getting a Komondor puppy from OFA certified breeding stock.

Is A Komondor puppy right for you and your family?

I would say yes, if you are looking for a dog that is devoted, loyal and is a natural guard of the whole family, and family farm. Komondors are reasonable, friendly, calm dogs when everything runs on a normal routine. The Komondor can be aggressive if he feels his flock, family, or property is in danger. Komondors are independant thinkers and tend to make decisions to do what they think is best on their own. Komondors love children, other dogs,family pets, farm animals, when introduced early in life. They will protect and care for anything that is in the family, even cats.

The Komondor has a corded, long and soft white coat that requires frequent care. They have sensitive skin so special treatment is advised when bathing. Special attention must be paid to the komondors pads on his feet, because long hair can grow and knot between the pads of is feet. Hair on foot pads should be trimmed a few times a year. Training a Komondor is relatively easy as this is a very intelligent dog. The komondors trainer must be calm, consistent yet heavy-handed, as Komondors are usually willful and independent.

Early socialization is vital and considered a must for this breed. We begin to socialize our Komondor puppies the day they are born. We handle each puppy daily and introduce them to all that life offers. Komondor Puppies on our farm are introduced to other dogs, large and small. Komondor Puppies on our farm also get a taste of everyday life such as sweepers, household sounds, and children. Komondor puppies that leave Feathers And Fleece Farm are far more socialized than any other breeder can offer you.

All in all, these dogs are perfect for families living in the suburban areas as they naturally love big places and require large yards and runs. It is just not advisable to place a Komondor in an inner city apartment, or in a constant crated or kenneled environment.