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Are mini Sheepadoodles good dogs? Yes! Mini Sheepadoodles are lovely family dogs that are energetic, social, and easy to train. If you’re considering bringing a mini Sheepadoodle into your family home, you’re making a great choice! Mini Sheepadoodles are a great size and hypoallergenic. They are friendly and terrific with kids. These fluffy pups will surely melt your heart and give you unforgettable times.

The Mini Sheepadoodle


Mini Sheepadoodles are:

  • Non-drooling
  • Good-smelling
  • Non-shedding
  • Hypoallergenic

It takes mating a Moyen Poodle and an Old English Sheepdog to make a mini Sheepadoodle. Mini Sheepadoodles will weigh less than 55 lbs and be less than 22 inches to the back. They are adorably fluffy and have beautiful teddy bear faces. Standard Sheepadoodles are larger, weighing up to and over 60 lbs. Micro Sheepadoodles, on the other hand, weigh less than 30 lbs. Mini Sheepadoodles have mixed coat colors with black, white, gray, and sometimes brown. Their fur is soft and wavy, along with non-shedding. Sheepadoodles require lots of grooming to prevent their long luxurious hair from matting. However, they’re good-smelling, non-oily dogs that need daily brushing. Sheepadoodles of any size are highly hypoallergenic, whereas even the most dog-allergic people can own a Sheepadoodle.


Mini Sheepadoodles are:

  • Affectionate
  • Social
  • Easy to train
  • Intelligent

Owners of mini Sheepadoodles rave about their loving, friendly family dogs. They are intelligent, goofy, and easy to train. Sheepadoodles of any size make excellent service and health care dogs. An Old English Sheepdog is laid-back, while a Poodle is high-energy. This means the mini Sheepadoodle will have a moderate amount of energy. They’ll need around 60 minutes of play each day and enjoy a leisurely-paced walk at the park. Mini Sheepadoodles are loving and affectionate. They feel a strong bond to their families and protect them as if they were a flock of sheep.

Mini Sheepadoodles and Kids

Mini Sheepdaoodles have the best personality traits from both parent breeds. Old English Sheepdogs, for example, are a herding breed. OES family dogs will round up and keep the family and kids close. The American Kennel Club give OES dogs a 5/5 rating for affection with family. Mini Sheepadoodles will do the same, giving them the nickname of a nanny dog! They will watch over kids in the house and make excellent playmates. Because mini Sheepadoodles are a bit more relaxed than other breeds, they make great companions for the little ones in your home. They’ll gently play with the kids while making sure they are safe. Poodles are brilliant dogs, which the mini Sheepadoodle inherits. That means training your mini Sheepadoodle will be a breeze and enjoyable! Because mini Sheepadoodles are herding dogs, they may initially nip or bite at the heals of their owners when they are puppies. But, you can easily train this out of the puppy with the help of a trainer.

Are mini Sheepadoodles good dogs?

Absolutely. Mini Sheepadoodles are family-friendly, intelligent, and spunky little pups that have great personalities. When you welcome a Sheepadoodle into your home, you’re gaining another family member.

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