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Puppy Socialization

Why it is so important.

At Feathers and Fleece we spend a lot of time explaining the importance of socialization to our clients. It is a term most clients are unfamiliar with. I have always said that you do not understand the importance of socialization until you have owned a puppy who has not been socialized.

Important fact to know is that dog shelters and rescues are full of beautiful dogs, but they were given up because the breeder failed to socialize the puppy so it was not a good fit for it’s new family.

This sounds cruel and heartbreaking but the facts are clear. Take time to know what imprinting is and how a well socialized puppy can make all the difference.

Veterinarians and researchers are now beginning to understand the consequences of an unsocialized puppy. The biggest risk involves the growth of an adult dog. We know that is safest to wait until your puppy is at least six months of age to take them to the dog parks. However, it is strongly encouraged that you put your pup into training classes as soon as possible. This will help your pup learn important social skills early on so that there will be no problems down the road. Training is vital in the beginning stages of a puppy’s life. This is why at Feathers and Fleece we offer three options for puppy training. Click training School to learn more.

The following qualities should be see in a well socialized puppy.

  • Handled from birth and learns to accept touching of all body parts.
  • Persuaded to explore the enviornment around him or her.
  • Able to play with a variety of toys, games, etc….
  • Taken on car rides to both new and present environments regularly.

With proper socialization, your puppy should engage all of his /her senses through exposure to different environments ( sight, sound,smell) in his/her daily life. With this stimulation your dog will develop a comfort level with new and different situations. This will help him handle new challenges in a more appropriate fashion.

On the other hand, dogs who have not been socialized may develop bad responses, such as extensive fear and anxiety . This can lead to some behavioral problems including aggression, excessive barking and more commonly destructive behavior. Research tells us that at least one of these bad behaviors can be expected with dogs who have been relinquished to shelters.

The goal of socialization is obviously to help your pup become a well-adjusted dog. The socialization can typically start as early as four weeks of age. This is why choosing the right breeder for your new family member is so vital.

At Feathers and Fleece Farm we know the importance of socialization and imprinting. We have many staff members interacting with our puppies daily. Your puppy has regular veterinarian exams at our farm, and our buildings are set up like homes. We have all of the sights and sounds of a busy household.

We have an imprinting program that includes introducing your puppy to loud noises such as storms, sweepers, Tv, music and more.

We have given your new puppy all the care possible to start his/her new life on the right foot in your home.

This is why more Feathers and Fleece puppies are in therapy, businesses, commercials, movies, marketing ads and in the workplace. We provide clients with puppies that are both stunning and social.