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Sheepadoodle Facts

The Sheepadoodle is a hybrid dog that is made up of a combination of two purebreds. Its a cross between an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle. It is acclimated to family living and has wonderful temperament. The Sheepadoodle is a smarter Sheepdog that is hypoallergenic, non shedding, and a great family dog. Sheepadoodles are easy to please, non dominant, intelligent, easily trainable and make good companions. The Sheepadoodle is good with other pets too. The calm temperament of the Sheepadoodle and their love of people is notable. The Sheepadoodle has a number of great characteristics: Loyal, affectionate, devoted, alert and active. The Feathers and Fleece Sheepadoodle is highly socialized and is very loyal to their master.

Feathers and Fleece Farm

Sheepadoodle Puppies are social dogs. Dogs are pack animals. They are social and enjoy interacting with people and other dogs, maybe even more-so than you do. You can use this to your benefit. For example, your dog will listen to you and do what you want if he is praised afterward. He will consider you the pack leader. This is the key to behavior in dogs because all dog packs must have a leader to who makes decisions for the rest of the group. Other dogs are subordinate to the leader. It is your job to make sure your dog realizes he is below you in the pack terms. Letting him lose sight of that could cause confusion, which can lead to behavioral issues. You are the one who decides when to eat, go outside, go to the vet, go to the groomer, and even take a nap. As with children, dogs who have rules are better behaved than those without. They are respectful of the leaders, or parents in the case of children. Many behavioral problems arise as a direct result of lack of relationship on the part of the owners. Dogs behave as though they prefer knowing that you are in charge. They need a sense of leadership. They will be much happier once they realize there is a someone who has taken charge.

At Feathers and Fleece Farm we have started imprinting your new puppy at a very early age. We begin grooming each puppy for their new home at just days old. All you will need to do is continue what we have stated for you.

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