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Sheepadoodle Puppies For Sale At Feathers and Fleece

Feathers and Fleece is the the only breeder who health tests every parent and include registrations and certifications in every go home packet.

Standard Sheepadoodle Puppies $2400.00

Mini Sheepadoodle Puppies $2400.00

Micro Sheepadoodle Puppies $2400.00

A non refundable deposit of $200.00, and a completed application are required to get on our wait list. Learn more about each size Sheepadoodle below.

The Standard Sheepadoodle

The Standard Sheepadoodle ( or full grown sheepadoodle ) can weigh upward of 60 pounds. The height of the standard Sheepadoodle will be 22 inches and up. The standard sheepadoodle is known for having big feet, and a big heart.

The Mini Sheepadoodle

The mini Sheepadoodle puppy is what Feathers and Fleece is most known for. We breed more mini Sheepadoodle puppies than any other size on our farm. The reason is likely that mini sheepadoodles are great size for most families. The mini Sheepadoodle will weigh less than 55 pounds and less than 22 inches to the back. We believe our sheepadoodle puppies sale price is among the best in the industry .

The Micro Sheepadoodle

The micro Sheepadoodle is extremely rare. The micro Sheepadoodle averages 14- 19 inches in height and weighs less than 30 pounds. This size is most popular for apartment dwellers and those clients who travel and wish to take their dog with them.

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The Sheepadoodle Dog – Ultimate Guide To the Sheepadoodle Breed

Moderate energy, highly social, easy to train and not too much bark

At Feathers and Fleece Farm we take pride in our Sheepadoodle program. We breed only health tested parents with calm temperament. The amount of barking that Sheepadoodles do is very little in comparison to their size. These giants of goodwill seldom make a sound of alarm when they encounter new canine companions or human strangers. They are calm puppies who like playing with other animals and making new friends. It is our belief clients can learn a lot about their future puppy just by getting know the parents. We ask all clients to visit the farm at least once to tour the farm and meet the parents of their new puppy. We also include all registrations and certifications for each parent in puppy go home packets.

We breed the Sheepadoodle in a variety of colors. The most common color is black and white, but we can also breed the Sheepadoodle puppy in tri color, silver and in shades of brown. All Feathers And Fleece Sheepadoodle puppies come with a docked tail and dewclaws removed. This procedure is preformed by our primary veterinarian at only day old, before nerves have formed. All tails are docked to meet the Old English Sheepdog standard.

The standard Sheepadoodle is bred by mating the standard Poodle to the Old English Sheepdog. We can also breed the standard Sheepadoodle by mating a Sheepadoodle to the Sheepadoodle. It is important to note, that we only breed the Sheepadoodle to the Sheepadoodle if we own both parents of the breeding pair so that we can verify history of certifications, to insure we will have the finest offspring, with a long line of good health.

History Of The Sheepadoodle

A fluffy and cuddly mix of the Old English Sheepdog and the Standard Poodle, the Sheepadoodle is a cross between the two breeds. During the “designer dog craze” that took place in the United States in the 80s and 90s, a wide range of new dog breeds were developed, and it’s possible that these designer canines were among them. Read about the history of the sheepadoodle

The mini Sheepadoodle is the mating of a moyen Poodle to the Old English Sheepdog to produce a much smaller version of the standard size Sheepadoodle. We can also breed the mini Sheepadoodle to the mini Sheepadoodle to achieve the same result but again, only if we own the parents of the breeding dogs to insure a good history of health.
The micro Sheepadoodle is the mating of the miniature Poodle to the micro Sheepadoodle. Our micro Sheepadoodle parents are fully health tested with parents of those dogs on site with a history of good health and certifications.

What Are The Usual Sizes of Sheepadoodle ?

Mini Sheepadoodle Sizes

When completely mature and fully grown, Miniature Sheepadoodles stand between 13 and 20 inches tall (33 cm and 50 cm) and weigh between 25 and 35 pounds (11 kg and 15 kg).

Standard Sheepadoodle Sizes

Large dogs like the Standard Sheepadoodle are Large dog breeds and can weigh more than 55 pounds (24 kg) and have a height that is more than 22 inches (55cm). They can be big dogs when fully grown.

Micro Sheepadoodle Sizes

Micro Sheepadoodles may only reach a maximum height of 15 inches (38 cm) and can weigh anywhere between 10 and 27 pounds (4 kg to 12kg). The ideal well bred Sheepadoodle is well-proportioned, muscular and strong. They should be sturdy and hardy in appearance and posses an intelligent and lively expression. The Sheepadoodle should have a balance of both parent breeds with a coat that is neither too curly or too straight. At Feathers and Fleece we have achieved this balance for the perfect look of the Sheepadoodle.

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The well bred Sheepadoodle puppy is very intelligent and easy to train. A well socialized Sheepadoodle with good imprinting make wonderful pets and excellent health care and service dogs. At Feathers and Fleece we take our role as breeder very seriously by taking pride in our early imprinting program and the socialization of our puppies. Our long waiting list speaks volumes about the puppies we produce.

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Sheepadoodle Temperament

The Sheepadoodle is a dog breed that is known for being inherently friendly, calm, and social in addition to being smart and energetic. In general, they get along swimmingly not only with other dogs but also with children and other animals. Sheepadoodles often have outgoing personalities and strong instincts. They have an intuitive understanding of how to behave gently and quietly with smaller youngsters. In addition to this, they have a fun demeanor, hilarious acts, and instincts that will have you laughing the whole time. They are a hybrid of a family pet and a working dog, and they adore and are completely dedicated to their owners and their family.

Things to Consider when Buying a Sheepadoodle

Can You Afford a Sheepadoodle ?

Because they are a high-maintenance breed, Sheepadoodles need a lot of care and effort. To acquire the best dog food, buy toys, and schedule medical or vet visits, you may have to spend a lot  more money than anticipated. So, before making the decision to purchase a Sheepadoodle, consider if your financial situation allows you to do so.  One simple exercise to help you with determining a weekly cost of feeding a sheep a doodle is to go to your local store and check dog food prices. You may be overwhelmingly surprised how expensive it can be to maintain larger dogs as they can eat a lot more than you think !

Consider Vet Costs

ring your Sheepadoodle in for routine checks at the accredited veterinary facility on a regular basis. A visit to the veterinarian once a year should be sufficient to keep everything in check. Having said that, the number of times you take your dog to the vet may change depending on his or her age as well as the state of his or her health right now. Sometimes things can come of thge blue like an accident so being prepared for that extra cost is an essential part of owning any dog.

Are Sheepadoodles Hypoallergenic ?

The Sheepadoodle is a non shedding breed known to be highly hypoallergenic. Even the worst allergy sufferers can own a Sheepadoodle puppy. The Sheepadoodle is a non drooling and nice smelling dog. This breed is most noted for being generous with affection for their owners.

Health of Sheepadoodles

It is generally accepted that mixed breeds, such as the Sheepadoodle, have better health than the purebred parents from whom they were produced. It is believed that the reduced prevalence of inherited diseases may be linked to the larger gene pool that is present in mixed-breed animals. Despite this, it is not safe to assume that Sheepadoodles are immune to all potential health problems just because they are a mixed breed. There is a possibility that a mixed-breed dog may acquire a disease that is associated with either of its parents.

In terms of health issues, the following is what you should anticipate:

Dysplasia of the Hip and Elbow

This is a problem that often occurs in Sheepadoodles. Because Sheepadoodle pups’ skeletons are still developing, there is a risk that they may develop elbow dysplasia. On the other hand, clinical symptoms could not show up until after more joint damage in the form of osteoarthritis has been accumulated.

Eye and Vision Issues

This is a typical issue that is passed on from the Poodle side of the family. Glaucoma, tear staining, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), cataracts, and optic nerve hypoplasia are some of the most common disorders associated with the mixture. To ensure that your dog’s eyes continue to be in excellent condition, it is advisable to get them examined by an ophthalmologist on a regular basis.

Torsion of the Stomach (Bloat)

Sheepadoodles may also inherit the susceptibility for Addison’s disease from their Poodle parents, just as standard Poodles do. The adrenal glands develop Addison’s disease when they fail to produce enough of the hormones cortisol and aldosterone. Having less of an appetite, losing weight, and feeling depressed are all common symptoms.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Sheepadoodle


  • The hybrid type typically results in Sheepadoodles having improved health compared to others.
  • Sheepadoodles are said to be hypoallergenic great for sensitive types.
  • Sheepadoodles nearly never have a problem with drooling.
  • Mini Sheepadoodles and regular Sheepadoodles are often more clever and simpler to teach than a purebred Old English Sheepdog.
  • Sheepadoodles are typically more sociable than purebred Old English Sheepdogs.
  • Easy to train , The Sheepadoodle often has a high IQ, which may be attributed to the intelligence rating of its Poodle parent. In terms of intellect, the only breed that can compete with a Poodle is the Border Collie.
  • Can make a great guard dog ,If you work with a professional dog trainer, a Sheepadoodle may be trained to become a guard or protection dog for your home or business.


  • Nipping and Biting , Sheepadoodles have an Old English Sheepdog in their genetic make-up. As a direct consequence of this, they may sometimes exhibit behaviours associated with sheepdogs, such as herding and biting.
  • The majority of people who own pets will, at some point, have to deal with the issue of their animals engaging in destructive chewing. It is not limited to only Sheepadoodles alone. However, despite their stunning appearance, these dogs have a reputation for being mouthy which is not good for your expensive furniture and possessions.
  • Regular grooming Required , Sheepadoodles take like their parent breeds, the Old English Sheepdog and the Poodle, in that they have gorgeous, fluffy coats. Even though the mixed breed doesn’t shed as much as other types of dogs, they still need to be groomed and cared for regularly. At the very least, Sheepadoodles should be brushed several times each week according to the breed standard.
  • Initial Cost, The Sheepadoodle is one of the more expensive designer dogs you can purchase. At  fleece we have a great range of mini Sheepadoodles, micro Sheepadoodles, and standard Sheepadoodles for you to look at. The barrier of entry to owning one of these dogs is generally cost related from our feedback from the public

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Do mini sheepadoodles bark a lot?

    For a small dog, mini sheepadoodles don't bark a lot. They are extremely kind and social but they are also quite well-behaved.

    How big will a mini sheepadoodle get?

    Mini Sheepadoodles will reach approximately 25-50 pounds and 18 inches tall.

    Do mini sheepadoodles like to swim?

    Sheepadoodles are huge fans of water. They enjoy swimming and being active outside.