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Feathers and Fleece Farm Terms And Conditions

Feathers and Fleece Farm never shares your information

Thank you for choosing Feathers and Fleece Farm. Below please review a list of our terms and conditions.

  • Feathers and Fleece will never share your information.
  • All deposits and payments are non refundable. No exceptions.
  • Do not place deposit for a puppy if you are not certain you want a puppy. Deposits are non refundable. Feathers and Fleece is not a bank.
  • Do not make payments toward your puppy if you are not certain you are getting a puppy. Payments are non refundable.
  • Deposits and payments are non transferrable from person to person. This is unethical. Please do not ask.
  • All clients are placed into a breeding season. There is no guarantee that your female group will breed on schedule. Mother nature will decide on heat cycles. Heat cycles can be earlier or later than predicted.
  • No puppy will be permitted to leave our farm prior to 10 weeks of age with 12 weeks being the average.
  • No puppy will be permitted to leave our farm without our primary veterinarian, Dr. Dwight Bradfords documented exam.
  • All go home dates for puppies are tentative pending final veterinarian exit exam.
  • All puppies must be paid for in full by 4 weeks of age.
  • All “pick of the litter ” clients must pay balance in full with 48 hours of birth announcement to retain the position of “pick of the litter”.
  • Farm visitations are by appointment only for clients with completed applications on file with placed deposits.
  • Due to our heavy client load new client farm tours must be scheduled 4 months in advanced.
  • Puppy choosing dates are firm in the birth announcement that you will be sent, to insure the health of our puppies. If you cannot attend the designated puppy choosing date for your litter you will need to view puppies through video. Feathers and Fleece has a very detailed cleaning protocol so there are no exceptions.
  • Puppy pick up at the farm is on Saturdays. You must have a pre-set appointment.
  • Please allow 20-40 min at puppy pickup to tour our farm and meet your puppy’s parents if you have not did this at a previous appointment.
  • Farm gates open at 11:30 am, there are no exceptions. Our dogs require care and exercise before we can greet clients. No exceptions.
  • Weekday pick up arrangements can be made, just contact your staff member.
  • All clients are placed with a primary female during their designated breeding season. As a precaution, Feathers and Fleece will always breed a back up breeding so we never have to tell you there is not a puppy for you. This is our Feathers and Fleece promise.
  • All puppies are placed in the order deposits are received. No exceptions to this policy. Do not bully us with threats of bad reviews, we are a fair and ethical breeding facility.
  • Feathers and Fleece reserves the right to not sell a puppy to any client.
  • If there are any health concerns found in any puppy, Feathers and Fleece reserves the right not to place that puppy up for consideration.
  • Feathers and Fleece can only estimate your puppy’s adult size based on past litters and the size of parents mated.
  • Feathers and Fleece is here to provide a lifetime of support. Call on our staff if you have any questions.

Feathers and Fleece Farm

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