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“Feathers and Fleece delivered more than just a pet. We can gloss over her incredibly soft (non-shedding) coat and adorable face that garners constant attention both at the dog park and around town. What is really important is that our Giant Schnoodle, Primrose, is everything that we could have hoped for. We looked at a lot of breeders before deciding on Feathers and Fleece Farm.They truly care about the dogs and it shows.

The temperament of our Schnoodle is absolutely perfect for our family. Primrose loves to be with us all the time whether we are hiking, biking,walking around the neighborhood or just hanging out watching TV.She does wonderfully off her leash because her instinct is to stay with the family and make sure the kids are always within sight. If anyone starts lagging behind she starts shuffling back and forth encouraging the lagging family member to get back with the pack. She is extremely intelligent and was very easy to train. She picked up on commands almost instantly because she is so eager to please. We could see her mind working trying to sort out exactly what we wanted from her even when she was just a few months old. She is very protective and gives us a warning bark if anyone comes near the house. The warning only persists and escalates if she doesnot know the person. This is exactly what we wanted in our pet.

On top of this she is also extremely sensitive to our emotions. If one of the kids is crying or sad for ANY reason she runs over and stays with them giving kisses and cuddles until they feel better. She truly cares and takes it upon herself to care for us. My son now tells me “I need Primrose” every time he gets a boo boo because he knows she will make him feel better. I can definitely say without hesitation that Feathers and Fleece Farm’s Giant Schoodle is the absolute perfect family dog.”