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“My name is Danny Blanton and a little over two years ago I started conversations with Feathers and Fleece about a Sheepadoodle. Jennifer has always been extremely available and helpful throughout the adoption and the many questions I’ve had. I’ve owned dogs all my life and the pup I adopted had the impossible task of not replacing but being an addition to my little “pack”. I’ve always had two dogs and I had an old Berner that had died a year previously. My other dog (Luke) is a Labradoodle which sold me on the poodle-mix. However, I wanted my second dog to have a bit more size and a bit more sense of adventure since I backpack a lot with my dogs. Luke is a wonderful loving dog but he is rounding ten years old and enjoys day long naps and short walks.

I asked for the largest male pup that Jennifer had and was sent “Levi”. It’s been a little under 2 years that I’ve had him and he is the happiest most well behaved, clumsy but extremely intelligent dog I’ve owned. He is very tall but not heavy so he has the look of a large dog especially with his hair grown out. I walk him through many parts of LA,

where I live, and I cannot go more than 20 feet without kids and people wanting to pet and talk about him.

I’ve already spoken about getting a second Sheepadoodle. Levi is extremely docile, very playful yet in-tune to your behavior. He is indoors 90%of the time and sleeps when I work in my office but is ready to run when I go on trail runs. He is a perfect family dog or a perfect sporting dog if you have an active life.

I’ve never been so satisfied with something I was otherwise so unfamiliar with. Levi’s hypoallergenic hair and calm demeanor makes a dog that I never stress about in almost any circumstance.”