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“I cannot say enough about our Newfkom, Willow. She is amazingly intelligent. Since the day we got her all we have to do is show her something we want to teach her once and the second time she does it! Willow has been in puppy training classes since she was 14 weeks old and the director of her school said that he has NEVER seen such a quick to learn, kind, happy, or eager to please puppy. Recently we had to take a 6 hour trip and Willow was a star traveler. We stopped every two hours but other than that she didn’t make a peep. We took her shopping in Bangor, Maine and everyone we saw had to comment on her behavior and were always shocked to find out she is only 17 weeks old! I don’t think I could ever have asked for a more intelligent, eager to please, kind, social and just basically easy going puppy!!! I am hoping to get Willow a sister next year and would never have any other breed again.”