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Feathers and Fleece Farm Training School
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Programs available for puppies 8-12 weeks

Basic Training

1 week Adjustment Program 525.00

This is a one week program that allows us to work on good puppy behavior, leash training and of course introduce your puppy to crate training.

The first week of separation from the litter and adjusting to the crate is the hardest time for your puppy. We have already established ourselves as pack leaders, it is a smooth transition for us to introduce your puppy to crate training.

We work diligently with your puppy to establish a potty routine and crate sleep routine, making training for you a breeze.

Basic Two Training

Most popular

2 week program with focus on crate training 1100.00

This is a more repetitive program. We spend time working on getting your puppy into a routine of potty, play, leash training and good puppy behavior. This is a more in depth training program for leash training and behavior.

It allows us an additional week with your puppy, over the Basic Program, for training. Routine is key here, we work hard to duplicate the normal hours of a household making the transition for your puppy and you a smoother one.
In addition to this program a third set of puppy shots will be administered.

Extended Training Program

4 week program with focus on crate training and behavior. 2200.00

his program is designed for those families that will not have time to crate train. This is also designed for those families that want a well behaved puppy from the get go. We use our strengths as established pack leaders to teach behaviors that are desirable in a well behaved puppy.

Leash training by now will be excellent. Crate training will be welcomed by your puppy. Good puppy behavior can be expected. In this program we can provide you with A puppy that you will enjoy, not resent. A puppy that fits right into your home.

A puppy you can be proud of both in appearance and in behavior. Any vaccinations required by your state would be administered, such as lyme,rabies.

** Please keep in mind that puppies cannot fully be potty trained until age 16 weeks, monitoring will still be necessary.

Pay Now For Training School

Deposits and payments are non refundable but can be applied toward puppy balance.

Emotional Support Training Program

4 week program – $2300.00

This program is designed for those clients who need an emotional support dog. We help manage all the information and training to take the stress off of you. Our trainers work with you and your puppy from the beginning. We work to assist in the puppy choosing process all the way through to certification.

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1 Week Program $525


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2 Week Program $1100


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4 week Program $2200


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