Whoodle vs Bernedoodle: What’s the Difference?

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Whoodles vs. Bernedoodles, which breed is better? Both of these cuties have their similarities and differences. Learn what makes these lovable dogs so ideal for many owners.

Whoodle vs Bernedoodle: Size Comparison

Whoodles often stand 12 to 20 inches tall and weigh 20 to 45 pounds, while Bernedoodles typically stand 10 to 29 inches tall and weigh 10 to 90 pounds.

Whoodle Background Info

The Whoodle, also known as the Wheatenpoo or Wheatendoodle, is a hybrid between the soft-coated Wheaten Terrier and the Poodle that resembles a teddy bear.

He was created in the middle of the 20th century, making him a very recent breed. Like other hybrid breeds, the Whoodle’s history is not entirely known.

It is safe to infer that the Whoodle is American, as are the majority of hybrids.

Whoodles may have practically any coat color, but the typical “Wheaten” or cream, associated with the Wheaten Terrier, is the most popular. Additionally, there are tri-color, solid, black/cream, red/cream, and cream/merle coats. The look and coat color of whoodles may vary greatly! Due of the “fade gene” that certain Poodles have, Whoodles are likewise renowned for fading in color with time.

Although it may be difficult to forecast their mature color due to the fade gene, it is also conceivable that they will preserve the rich, brilliant color they were born with. The adult coat may come as a bit of a surprise given this information.


Bernedoodle Background Info

A combination of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Standard Poodle is known as a Bernedoodle. They have existed for a very long time, but Sherry Rupke of SwissRidge Kennels created the first recognized cross between the two breeds. In 2003, the first Bernedoodles were produced. For this hybrid, she currently has a comprehensive breeding program.

A first generation bernedoodle is a hybrid between a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog and a purebred Poodle. This mixture is 50/50. Although no dog is hypoallergenic, the Bernedoodle is as near as it comes. This combination has relatively little hair to shed. The new breed will feature the calm, sweet temperament of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the clever, silly, fun nature of the Poodle if the cross between the two purebred canines is real. However, since the Bernedoodle is a hybrid, no two will be identical.

Purebred dogs are quite consistent from one dog to the next. Not the Bernedoodle, however. Each one will vary slightly from the others. A hybrid dog may sometimes be healthier than either of its parents. In other instances, hybrids might have health problems. It all depends on the breeder and whether or not they breed for the proper health features.

All dogs are wonderful, but not every dog is suitable for or suited to apartment life. Size, activity level, loudness, odor, and shedding are just a few of the reasons why a dog can be the worst breed for apartments.

Fortunately, Bernedoodles and Whoodles are regarded as suitable apartment dogs.

Some dogs will do better than others when left alone at home for 6 to 8 hours.

Bernedoodle puppy

Whoodle vs Bernedoodle’s Ability to Adapt to Different Conditions

Tolerance for hot temperatures

You should choose a dog that does well in hot or cold conditions depending on where you live.

Whoodle can handle the heat better than Bernedoodle.

Provide shade and drink when it’s hot outside, and go outside in the early morning or late at night when it’s cooler. Avoid pavements as well since if the ground is too hot for your hand to contact for more than a few seconds, it is also too hot for paws.

What about the cold?

Most dogs do not mind the cold until it drops below 45° F, after which certain dogs that are sensitive to the cold may start to feel uneasy. Owners of tiny breed dogs, dogs with thin coats, and/or dogs who are extremely young, elderly, or ill should pay particular attention to their pet’s well-being when temps drop below 32° F.

All dog owners should be aware that their canines may become susceptible to cold-related health issues including hypothermia and frostbite if temperatures fall below 20° F.

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